Friday, June 29, 2012

Club Street Social

 Goats Cheese, Honey, Thyme crostini - yummy morsels !!
 All day breakfast - truffled egg toast
 Pan seared Lobster, Yuzu, avocado Panini
Nutella Bread pudding

Crazy crash in or with scc mand returning and an actively bleeding hepat , I ended being the porter of the day, with m and m summaries late into the evening with short salvaging her exploding hern. With tapas options like salt and esquina we ended up heading to club street and ignoring her jap booking simply cos I felt like homely hearty casual bar food and her turning back on la cicada. We landed up finally in Club Street Social (Gemhill Lane) I'm glad we did cos I've found a new favourite appetiser in crostinis - very yummy morsels of crisp toast and the amazing flavours of sweet honey and pungent goats cheese. Truffled toast was rather blahh, much prefer the one at Over easy. And the lobster panini that I specially came here for..had just too little lobster !! Donated all my avocados to short. Nutella Bread pudding was much of a hyperglycemic parade. Love this hole in the wall gem we found.

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