Monday, November 12, 2012

Red dot microbrewery

On a Friday when my dad and I ended work at the same time we hit the drinking holes - Robertson quay/ Martin road looked crazy with bomba and baker&cook packed to the brims.. We headed to the quieter red dot at Dempsey ( think a newer outlet just opened at boat quay !) where we easily got a seat and didnt look out of place in my scrubs and his uniform. Heh it exuded that much comfort and casuality that we were comfortable in our own skin- or uniform.

White bait seems to be the new favorite bar food, and we also had a smoked salmon, avocado, roe
And cheese to share. The cashew nuts with lime was also yums with the 4.5% pale ale dad ordered.


And the band only starts at 1030! Old folks have to sleep early !!

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