Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mitsuba by Yurine

Nazi chef has shifted to central ! Intending to bring family here previously ( ended up in fika instead cos everyone was at the IT fair), brought them here on actual day of bros birthday ( after the yummy popiah dinner over the weekend ).

Mummy had their signature chiraishi don lookin as good as ever, dad the sashimi-udon set, bro the salmon-swordfish set and sis the beancurd udon.. I have a thing for hot pots now the last time the chef was at chikuwa tei I tried the cod hot pot this time I tried the salmon head hot pot- their nabes come in either a fish based soup or miso base. I chose the former and it was great.. Guess the sweetness from the salmon head did add to the umami of the soup !

Rushed to fix my specs and wanted to hang out at the heli pad but it was not open yet ! On a wed night not open at 10pm ?? Hmmm... Only when we zoomed down the car park did we see people lingering at the entrance..1 altitude shall be the next fixture !


adel said...

i was almost tempted to patronise this restaurant knowing the chef hailed from Chikuwa Tei which I have yet been to, but the set menus aren't exactly as didn't..good to see your review here :)

Seoulgrub said...

Great blog Julie. I wanted to send you an email, but I couldn't find your contact information. Could you email your email as there is something I wanted to ask about.