Friday, January 18, 2013


Pre hobbit on a rainy evening I ended early and trained to tp to shop and ended up with a green work dress from the xchange.couldnt really figure out the way to 100am- but initially we planned for the ramen. Glad we settled for Lolla's in the end. Snagged a seat by the counter very much Japanese style watching the chef in action. It was most entertaining and you are just setting yourself up for getting tempted by everything that is whipped out.

We started with the sea urchin pudding ( j liked the yellow and I liked the black- squid ink, cream and yolks!), scallop carpaccio ( kinda regret not going for the tuna instead), scrambled eggs with fish roe( lovely with baguette x 2 orders one with butter and the other one with a fresh tomato purée), and j's tripe which is what led him here in the first place. Think he was a fan.

The couple next to us seemed to order up the whole menu and so did this cauc double couple ( their beet root salad and tomatoes and mushrooms looked interesting) privacy here.

So alas we got tempted by the omelette with smoked eel and we loved it ! Looking at the eel glistening makes me wanna eat it again. It should never be adulterated with teriyaki man.

And I fell asleep again. Late movies x 2 is really a test of my stamina lol. It felt so real I felt like I was in a set! IMAX 3 d is the real deal.

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