Sunday, January 13, 2013

Paris Baguette

Last Friday the last op free day I managed some time off to head to the ion bucks to read while waiting to Qian to knock off and collect the tix to les m at Lido. It was heavy downpour outside so we couldn't head to Far East so we hung around Wisma and found Paris Baguette a quiet place to hang out. Qian wanted to bring me to an udon place in taka but we were afraid it was gonna be as packed as Koh sushi so we settled for this.

We sat next to the bread section and Qian ordered an assortment of breads and pastries while I had the 3 cheese omelette. Yes think I can prob do a fry up like this at home, minus the crisp potato wedges...

Les m sure doesn't beat the musical but I imagine life would be very difficult if we were to break into a song everytime we tried to converse with someone... !! Nice to see familiar actors sing the oh so familiar songs indeed..

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