Friday, February 8, 2013


Pre cloud atlas at Grand, an empty Poulet at Great World City ( the lack of crowds here is really awesome !) plus the fact that it has eluded us all this while cos of the crowds at Bugis plus, and the fact that they promised us quick food means we spent the hour having dinner here ( and not using the lap top again lol). The roast chicken was tender albeit bland ( really prefer the seasoned chicks at Nando's!) but the star was the Parisian salad, and the mushrooms with the slightly overdone poached egg. We loved the chopped up salad(it was like a garden of trampled leaves) with pine nuts and cranberries(with the cherry tomatoes to him ). Miss Nando's loads. I will prob wanna try the French Onion soup here one day. Cloud atlas is best watched not post call/run/clinic/exits/pre journal club but as usual, fun supercedes. Have a good long weekend everyone!


Seah said...

Firstly, happen cny, enjoy the long weekend.

Jus chance upon ur blog when searching abt great world city. Not bad food pics. Whats the damage$$$ like?

Julie said...

The half chicken costs 15 bucks .. Salad is 12 bucks and the mushrooms around there too ! Total I think around 50 to 60 cos we also ordered another side of sautéed veg

Happy cny too !!