Thursday, February 14, 2013

The sushi bar

Post post call after an early day of only 2 cases(ar and right hem), I was all ready to shop and get our express pedis but alas! Cny cloud of sloth continues and Far East was still a ghost town :( ended up seeking happiness in this hole of the wall of a sushi place called The Sushi Bar, where I've been wanting to bring mummy to eat the chiraishi don for some time. I'm still gonna bring her cos Jillian and I ordered the following to try ( so everything else but that). And everything was really really good !

We had the large sashimi salad( it was a 5 bucks difference between that and the smaller size), which was fun for Jills cos she was tossing it solo like a yusheng. There was a mix of Chinese Yu Sheng vegetables and Japanese ones like the seaweed and jellyfish and there was even pok pok crackers...and even pink sugar ! She really had a lot of fun mixing it thoroughly but later regretted cos there was a lot of mayo ++. All in all very tasty, with the fish roe and sashimi topping up the mess. Lol.

I also ordered the salmon skin to share. Jills was pretty squeamish about it but I was successful in getting her to try(this instead of soft shell crab). The pink sauce with the fish roe was very very tasty much better than the usual mayonnaise.

The scallop men taiko carpaccio was also amazing. The mild cheese and fish roe really elevated scallop(essentially quite a tasteless type of shellfish) to new heights. Mmm. And to make up for the soft shell crab we ordered the soft shell crab aburi maki rolls. A tad confusion ( ESP for her who pops it all into her mouth at one go ) but I like dissecting the contents. I say go to bay sushi for makis if you like the sauces and the variety

I will be back for the chiraishi, and the grilled fish and steak. Great service despite no charged so we left them quite a big tip. Reverse psychology works ;)

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