Friday, July 26, 2013


Great treating ourselves two days in a row ! Finally landed ourselves at Bomba, Martin road, to try out the ever elusive paella. Booked bar seats by the window;)

Nothing that's grilled escapes us now! This grilled octopus is not as smokin as the one at foodbar dada but still was yums with the mash.

This tortilla is more like a potato pancake than an egg omelette layered with potato. And nah that ain't uni over there. Los primos still rocks my tortilla world.
Classic paella. Tasty and simple but we would like more seafood :p only half a crab here ! Makes us think of la cicalas though - tinge of regret not choosing the squid ink one tonight.

Boisterous atmosphere and hearty food - but prob spoilt by our previous experiences at other places. Lovely still ;)

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