Monday, July 1, 2013

Carpenter and cook

Goodbye to those protected, carefree days, scudwork and menial tabling. Hello to more expectations and accountability and team management and decision making. How apt it is to enjoy these last moments in a vintage eatery like Carpenter and Cook in Lorong Kilat and say good bye to history ( with my favoritest resfren) and with the farewell at Rice table (oh my, the price must have doubled since I ate there though the sayur lodeh and the fried egg tofu is still as good as ever). Helloyellorego.

By the way, the cakes here rock. The banoffee pie had the most wonderful, lightest cream in the right proportions to the base and bananas, and the salted caramel chocolate tart was very balanced too. Mmm. Just don't come here thinking you can eat big eggs and big breakfasts. It's for dainty girls to have tea and cake... Though I most certainly do not belong to that demographic( though I don't mind idling away that way ...)

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