Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Matsuo sushi

Chiraishi don, set $15 +

after reading up about the weekday lunch deals at Matsuo sushi i was really craving for this chiraishi don thats their lunch special on mondays and fridays..just like the korean bibimbap phase, im going through this chiraishi don phase right now going around trying all the chiraishis at all the restaurants! Matsuo was actually closed on Vesak day when i was gonna try it first with longchong some time back (we travelled all the way to novena for this!!! and we had such a hard time finding the place until a couple- who're regulars there and were equally disappointed!- told us it wasnt open)..so we settled for Nara restaurant instead, which was a blessing in disguise actually, shall blog about this place soon..

3 of my friends decided on the same lunch deal also..what a very pretty sight!

comes with chawanmushi (which has a piece of unagi inside), miso soup and the ever generic watermelon..i think the fish quality is not that fantastic though..there's salmon, salmon belly, tuna, squid, octopus, fish roe and the cooked items include the prawn, unagi and tamago, topped up with pickles and ginger and a very dense looking wasabi.. well for 15 bucks we cant expect premium fish nor huge slabs of fish either i guess , this set is just good value for money, thats all.

Unagi Don

another friend decided on the unagi don..i think this was around 18 bucks, he said that it tasted similar to the one he usually has at the NUS engineering canteen at about a quarter of the price..oh well i guess one cant really go wrong with unagi since the fish is perpetually drenched in sweet sauce anyway.. unless its really that stale so much so that the sauce cant mask the fishiness and it has bones to boot! no but this one doesnt disappoint, i might wanna go and try the unagi when its available in the lunch set since it also comes with salmon sashimi

Salmon Teriyaki

Another friend chose this and i think it was around $12.50..i thought that the salmon was rather small (compared to the size of the chiraishi!) but she said the fish was quite well done, succulent without being too oily and the sauce was just sweet enough

Will be back to try the other lunch deals especially the unagi rice! need to conquer all the japanese set lunches around!

Matsuo Sushi Restaurant

1 Goldhill Plaza


Tel: 6356 2603

Daily 11:30am - 2:30pm, 6pm - 10pm

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p said...

hey, monday is usually the worst day to order raw fish, as no fish orders come over the weekend. so getting a chiraishi that day is defnitely a bad idea.

matsuo is damn awesome. go for the 20 dollar sashimi set, its really value for money and the quality is v good. the 25 dollar matsuzushi bento has so much food even big eaters will be satiated.