Sunday, August 3, 2008

Hong Kong Desserts

This is my third visit to this shop (and i don't do many repeat visits these days since i wanna try out more new eats) cos i really like the desserts here and so i've been bringing friends here..i chanced upon this place whilst shopping at Far East Plaza, and there're many small shops tucked into this corner, many still looking very new..high turnover syndrome i guess.
My first visit was with short a year ago, and we shared a Yang Zhi Gan Lu, Mati with Lotus seed and Beans, and a set of 3 Durian Ban Zai.. we were still hungry after that so we shared some skewers.. made to order at this counter thats now replaced by a fruits and drinks counter..honestly who'd come all the way here to eat fruits ?!

i liked that the menu had illustrations and even labels of must try!..everything looks so colourful and yelling to be tried..even though im not a real fan of these dessert soups (ice-cream and cakes anytime man) everything on the menu stilll appeals to me..

Mati with Lotus Seed and Beans (Cold/Warm) $2.50

I had mine warm, and I think it tastes like a less starchy version of tau-suan, with the crunchiness of the waterchestnut adding more bite to the soup. It was not too sweet, and I certainly miss the youtiao that normally tops such soups.

Yang Zhi Gan Lu $3.50

M and A (who joined us for desserts) had this.. i didn't choose this as I had this during the previous 2 visits and I wanted to try the other desserts. We agreed that this was really good, it was sweet but not overpoweringly so, and it was not too creamy nor curdy. There was added crunchiness from the longan and sago.. this is a must try for mango sago fans out there.

Durian Ban Zai (3 pieces) $3.80

Oh i really really love this!! This is like durian-filled mochi/dumpling...the skin is super soft and slightly chewy, and it just melts in your mouth..there's also the mango flavour which i tried on my first visit and i didnt eat it again because i think the mango is a little too artificially sweet.

inside has durian pulp and coconut cream..

Polished Glutinous Rice with Durian $3.50

This is like Durian ondeh ondeh! super chewy rice wrapped around durian pulp, this one has no coconut cream inside though.. but the coconut shreds on the rice itself more than make up for the cream..this comes in other flavours like Mango, Lychee and Honeydew.

the many layers of durian goodness.. during my third visit M commented that the durian didn't taste as fresh though..i really wonder how long they keep their glutinous rice and ban zais (they were on display in the fridge counter)

this was what K and i had on my second visit to the shop..she was a mango fan so she really loved the Yang Zhi Gan Lu..i think that these 3 desserts are great for sharing between 2 people, and are the best of what this shop has to offer anyway. There's the sweet and creamy mango sago, chewy Durian glutinous rice, and the soft Durian Ban Zai, so you'd never get sick of the same taste or texture!

I really like this shop because unlike other Hong Kong cafes, they specialise in desserts and hence their shop doesn't smell oily (think of all the french toasts and fried luncheon meat and instant noodles) , and they're good at what they specialise in. I wanna try their other desserts like their Coconut Bean Cake and Rice cake with Red Beans.. some of their dessert names are direct translations of some fanciful chinese names like Bai Yu with coconut, or Pear with Chuan Bei, Red Dates and Aloe Vera.. hrmms..the Chinese give some dishes over-the-top the phoenix claws = chicken feet.. so when its a direct translation i'd be rather suspicious as to what goes into the dish itself..

Nonetheless, an interesting list of desserts and drinks, will be back when im in town looking for a cheap and refreshing dessert.

Dessert Solutions

Far East Plaza #03-89

Tel: 67385116

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