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easily one of my best lunches ever..and the pampering is not only for my tastebuds..the service was impeccable, friendly, unpretentious and ever so forthcoming.. the general manager ever so ready to offer to describe the dish and he couldn't suppress his amusement at 3 photo snapping girls gushing with excitement everytime a dish emerged from the kitchen..
and cos of the L-shaped layout of the restaurant (allowing us to spy on the other diners' food!!), the whole affair was rather intimate, with the small seating capacity we had all the attention we needed, without being intrusive at all. and with the open kitchen concept, it really completes the entire experience because as much as I enjoy seeing the chefs (very quietly!) putting their heart and soul into their food, I'm sure the chefs themselves appreciate how the diners are equally amazed by their excellent fare. That to me, is the epitome of fine dining, the 2 way flow between the diner and the chef, with the service staff being the link, providing recommendations and running commentaries with gusto, and faciliating the feedback from the diners. Oh, what a very intricate 'food web ' that is!

first the olive bread, one of the 2 choices - the other being the plain baguette - which M warned wasnt I had 2 servings of was served warm and crusty, with the unforgettable aroma of freshly home-made bread. dipped with olive oil or lathered generously with butter, this really excited my palate for what was to come as I mulled over the menu...which can be found on the iggy's site, by the way!


Sweet corn cappucino, chocolate raviolo

The first complimentary amuse bouche. The sweet and frothy corn soup was light with a light hint of milk, with the surprise bitterness of a chocolate glob right at the bottom of the cup..oh i do love starting my meals on a sweet note..reminds me of the times when i eat in reverse ie eat desserts before my mains because the lure of the sweets is too great to resist

Cauliflower mousse, sea urchin and shiso jelly

Our second complimentary amuse bouche. Oh this is a genius in a martini glass. the sweetness of the shiso jelly with the saltiness of the sea urchin, with the wobbly texture of the cauliflower mousse, this eccentric use of sea-urchin layered in between imaginative ingredients really blew us away.

Sakura ebi cappellini with konbu and home-made scampi oil

We all joked that this cappellini will be bigger than my very puny of a burger - my main dish later..oh, i really won't mind having copious amounts of this as my main! the pasta done al dente - very fine strands indeed - with the crunchiness and saltiness of the fresh sakura ebi, i really enjoyed every bit of this.


Squid ink risotto with charcoal-grilled calamari

This is actually my first risotto..i'm a recent rice convert - i used to only eat noodles outside shunning rice dishes - and wow rice wont taste the same ever again! the rice was plump and i could taste the burst of each grain, releasing the squid ink sauce. Im not a particular fan of squid, prefering it fried in batter - yes as i said in my previous post i only eat crunchy crispy fried calamari and nothing else..


Home-made wagyu beef burger with white truffle sabayon

...and a grand total of 4 fries stacked up ceremoniously (ugh i hate thick fries i need a smaller potato-crispy crust ratio so yess potato wedges are quite a nighmare)
burger in its full glory..

and its innards..hey i didnt use my hands okay, I used the knife and fork - so i could savour every bit !!- and do you see how very chopped up the beef is? well i like my beef more dense - like the relish burger patty and the brewerkz beef patty - but perhaps the wagyu beef in this burger being more marbled and fatty, was slightly too mushy for me as a patty. Nonetheless, the truffle sabayon's aroma was unmistakable (and M was super jealous cos she kept smelling it but she couldnt detect the truffle aroma in her gnocchi) and the stringy onions made it a fine burger indeed. well, a burger is a burger, to me a burger should be a monster, with a mean dense patty, plenty of cheese (which this lackss!!!), and the veggies (which this lacks too!!) no im not corrupted by big macs


Rockmelon soup, earl grey chocolate, fresh dill and summer flowers

Our third COMPLIMENTARY amuse bouche(oh, do keep coming.), the predessert. oh i really won't mind closing my meal with this - but of cos more is always better haha - but this was extremely refreshing after all that oily food..and what a very pretty dish! it was a heart-break digging into the chocolate. i couldnt really taste the earl grey in the chocolate but who cares! the bitter dark chocolate was such a nice close after sipping the rockmelon soup, enjoying the roughage of the fruit fibre. and no, i didn't eat the flowers though they were edible (my other lunch partners ate every single part of the dish)

Champagne jelly

Champagne jelly and sorbet with elderflower foam

I usually don't like bubbly but since this is their signature dessert i had to give this a try! oh i do love alcohol only when it comes in the form of dessert (think of rum and raisin and the baileys icecream from udders!!) so needless to say i really love this dessert - though m said that the elderflower taste reminded her of ricola..what you see right on top is the elderflower foam- soft and fluffy, I really had to dig through the layers of icy sorbet to reach the wobbly jelly right at the bottom of the martini glass.. it was really refreshing!

m's dessert of Pina colada soufflé, coconut ice-cream and iced pina colada.. i pinched some of the souffle and it really tasted as good as it smelt - i almost wanted to switch my dessert to this after i saw one of the other earlier diner's dessert and saw the monstrosity of it!
ice's dessert of Chocolate cylinder, French toast with home-made maple ice-cream and iced mocca. i also tried some of the french toast and the sugar bits on the toast made it so very crunchy and tasty! her maple ice cream was melting all over the shop - in retaliation to all the phototaking - oh but iced mocca was really a potent one, with a surprise finish of mini chocolate balls right at the bottom. what a very fun dessert!

this souvenir rendered my previous phototaking of the menu useless..can you believe they actually printed out our personalised menu for keeps? oh im rather sad my post is coming to an end, this post is such a joy to pen cos it really brings back such good memories..anyone wanna relive these moments with me again?


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