Monday, February 2, 2009

Homemade icecream and Supper at Brewerkz

It was supposed to be an ice cream thing but as usual being the fickle spontaenous greedy folks we were it didn't turn out quite.

Green tea icecream

Instead, we had yummylicious homemade icecream courtesy of Marcus! He said the green tea version was much healthier because he used skim milk..well anything healthy tends to compromise on taste so this wasn't very sweet, but it is really creamier than the ones you get outside where the green tea taste is really way strong.

Oh I realise after posting up this, that the icecream colour blends into my blog wonder I found the colour familiar..

Strawberry Cheesecake

This was our favourite because it was really like a cheesecake but really creamy and cold! And there were many digestive biscuit bits inside the icecream - reminds me of the deconstructed dessert at Relish

After dillydallying at Marcus' and taking a long time to choose between truffle fries at Barrack (no thanks to the sloppy t-shirt shorts flip flops combo), Twister fries, chocolate tart at Laurent's, we zipped down to Ba Ba Black Sheep only to find it stop serving food at 10pm!! No!!

So we ended up at Brewerkz at Bukit Timah.. I've had countless suppers at Brewerkz at Riverside Point and this is my second visit to the Bukit Timah branch..

Chilli Cheese Fries $13.99
Topped with Beer Chilli and Cheese

But there are many dishes I havent tried before and this is one of them..I love the beer chilli and cheese combination..the piping hot fries are really good too. This is definitely many notches better than the chilli fries at Carl's Junior which has a queer Indian curry taste to it.. I shall quick go and try the chilli cheese fries at Superdog..
Nachos $14.99

And this is a must order for me everytime I'm at Brewerkz.. everything here is really good but must hurry eat it before it turns cold and all the cheese becomes coagulated and the nachos soggy.. Still it is fantastic carbo goodness!! I love all the cheese and sauces and guacomole and beans and chilli laden on the crunchy salty nachos..
After that zipped back to Marcus' house, not before Yiks and I saw a gorgeous house with 3 freakin Ferraris!! - we actually paused for awhile - and to listen to Rous on the phone screeching about how Marcus was Porscheing her car - and off we were for a night of mahjong. Coffee sustained Yiks, dried mangoes and Lays chips for the rest of us. Mahjong requires loads and loads of stamina man, must train up this hols.

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