Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Flying Pan, Hong Kong

If anything is missing in Singapore, it is the lack of western breakfasts places, let alone 24 hours breakfast all day all night places such as the Flying Pan (Central, Hong Kong). We woke up so very late that my our first meal of the day (technically, our breakfast) was at 530pm.

Its got a bar counter, and is a small, intimate eatery. When night falls, the lights dim and candles are lit on all the tables.

Not alcohol, its healthy cranberry juice and grapefruit juice.
Rancheroo eggs - grilled flour tortilla topped with melted cheese refried beans potatoes 2 sunny side up eggs salsa sour cream jalepenos;

how yummy does that sound...everything Mexican everything I like!
Philly- steak Omelette with onions and cream cheese, wheat toast

Sides - spiced apples, tomato soup

How often do you find chunks of steak in your omelette? You can even have an egg-white omelette (with additional $ of cos) here. There are many many permutations of omelettes you can have here, and we're glad we chose this meaty, cheesy one here.

The other highlight was the Spiced Apples - they were prob soaked in cinammon or something, it was absolutely wonderful when you put the spiced apples on the toast and then top it up with....
....the very delicious Cinammon sugar (in the shaker) and Maple syrup (on the right). On the left is Blueberry syrup.

Spiced Apple + Wheat Toast + cinammon sugar + maple syrup = J & K 's homemade apple pie!

It was so delicious we almost immediately went on our supermarket hunt (we're always in the supermarkets) to find cinnamon sugar (failed to, though, sadly) and maple syrup (found! it comes with 2 hole sizes: tiny and tinier (you can never have enough maple syrup)
(oh and kelly, today when i went to Phoon Huat to buy ingredients for my first homemade cheesecake(!!) i saw many many types of maple syrup! )
Challa French Toast

We ordered a single side of this to try... With the exception of a sprinkling of powdered sugar atop the toast and the maple syrup bottle to add at our liberty, we're inclined to think the other Chachantengs might have better french toast. We can never get enough of that slab of melting butter atop the toast!

And soon I'm gonna blog about a Kaya French Toast we tried at Stanley Beach, Hong Kong. Kaya toast made better by frying it, how decadent (and greasy!) can that be! Watch this space.
Cheese crepe
Again we ordered a single order of this to try.
This crepe is soft and filled with cream cheese - simple but good. Yoghurt smoothie - peanut butter with banana
Yeah you got me right: what were we thinking?! Yoghurt, peanut butter, banana??? It tastes as confusing as it sounds. Well....we chose this cos the Milkshake which had peanut butter had no banana....oh least we've found the weirdest drink ever...


kelly said...

oh my, ur next phase is baking!? *hinthint..i luv cheesecakes =p. it seems that flying pan is highly recommended by travel books too..n i recall that the banana-peanut butter smoothie tasted way better off a spoon than through a straw:)

brad said...

hey jules, i totally agree with you, Singapore lacks an all-day-brunch-dining place. What does the flying pan serves? u got take a shot of their menu?