Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Itamae Sushi, Hong Kong

Itamae Sushi and Itacho Sushi are the Sakae Sushi and Sushi Tei chains of Hong Kong, except that they are many many many notches up in terms of freshness (especially of their shell fish!) and creativity. Everything we tried here was memorable, and for a conveyor belt restaurant (we had many off the tempting conveyor belt!) we thought the standards were excellent.

Queues form during meal times (hence the queue number display on the first picture) and us hungry girls were here at 530pm for our early dinner, taking our own sweet time polishing off plate after plate!
the L-shaped restaurant (the other segment discovered only later on)
Picked this up almost immediately when i sat down cos it had everything i liked - hotate, salmon, tamago, and roe with some rice - i especially loved the fresh tender hotate together with the crunchy roe
This was Kelly's Soya sauce salmon, Salmon with cheese.
Fatty tuna without tendon
Sweet piece it was, I savoured every bit of this. It was SGD7 a pop!
Saga Japanese Beef
I've never eaten beef sushi before but I won't mind eating raw beef again if it tastes this good... its not as raw and bloody as those rare steaks at all. Instead, the beef is tender and succulent.
Salmon spring roll
Vegetables with a small slice of salmon wrapped in rice paper makes for a refreshing treat if not for that overdosage of mayonaise!
This was Kelly's Foie gras sushi.
And her Mango Lobster Salad
Steamed egg with crab meat

The steamed egg had a fantastic stock with alot of real crab meat inside!
Check out that piece of crab meat.
We heart this Jumbo scallop. Please go and eat this if you ever eat at Itamae! Superbly fresh and melt in your mouth scallop overwhelming the rice!
This is Kelly's Roasted eel with curry salt
This is my Zaru. The shellfish here are all really fresh and zaru is particularly crunchy.
This is Kelly's Mango egg crepe. She loves the sweet salty combination and this has everything she likes, from the sweet mango puree to the crunchy roe wrapped by an egg crepe.
This is my Conch. Check out those fleshy layers - crunchy and tender-melt-in-your-mouth.
Xiang lei shun - no idea what this was (took it off the conveyor belt) but again it was super crunchy! More crunchy than squid (I don't like squid all that much but I seem to like all its relatives in Itamae).
Sea urchin with egg crepe - We really really liked this as well, its one of our tops. We're inclined to think the chefs blowtorched the uni as the top was crisp and beneath that the rest was rather wobbly and wet. The saltiness of the uni was perfect with the egg crepe and rice. This was Kelly's Tamago.
This was Kelly's Milk pudding

To the management of Itamae Sushi,
Please open an outlet in Singapore!
Missing your incredible fish,


Bobby said...

OMG!!!This sushi outlet is really damn FANTASTIC. and the sushi are so mouth-watering... =)

kelly said...

hah u went on a shellfish frenzy at itamae! u probably tried all the different kinds of molluscs on the belt? the highlight was the jumbo scallop..succulent n really fresh, unforgettable indeed.
but the colour coding for the plates was pretty confusing..k maybe it'll be much easier to account for the plates if we didn't eat so much =p