Saturday, May 2, 2009

G7 Sin Ma Live Seafood Restaurant (Cheong Chin Nam Road)

Woo hoo! if you noticed the slight difference in photo quality...that is because I just bought the LX3 for my electives! whee! but i still haven't really practised using it (focusing, food in dim light, how to adjust the flash) but im got pretty excited when I saw the food mode in the SCN mode!

Anyway, today must be my longest day ever, with morning rounds-crashed nni neuro-crashed violet's tut-the last bit of clinics-nus till 9pm and boy was i glad to finally get out and meet J for supper...

We were craving Thai food but 9pm = closing time so after not finding Emerald Thai near Brewerkz (Michelle! where is it??) we gave up and went to Cheong Chin Nam Road opposite Beauty World - we were intending to have Taiwanese or Teochew porridge - which on arrival, he told me he actually eats it often (!!) but then we chanced upon this! Yes I'm not past this porridge phase yet but today after 5 frogs i think i'm gonna stay away for awhile...

Yes there is a frog porridge place along the stretch of eateries - G7 Sin Ma Live Seafood Restaurant (5 Cheong Chin Nam Road) and on googling just now, I realised the original branch is at Geylang Lor 3 - where I think there is a saturation of frog porridge places already with Lion City Geylang Lor 9 Porridge, Eminent City. I haven't gone all the way to Geylang to try the original Lion City outlets- the most I've done was to go to its sister outlet at Peace Centre! The parking today was a breeze - it was a weekday 10pm kinda timing.

We were recommended to take the Buy 3 frogs get 2 frogs free and 1 porridge free set - $22. Not bad considering each frog was $8 and the porridge was already $3. Iced water is at 30 cents.

There were 2 styles of cooking - dried chilli or ginger. We had 3 frogs in dried chilli and 2 in plain ginger...

Dried Chilli

The dried chilli version tasted similar to Lion City's version - the frog meat was smooth and the Kung Pau sauce was really thick and flavourful - though not as spicy as Lion City's version. It tasted so damn good with the porridge.

This tasted similar to the dried chilli one minus the pieces of dried chilli.

The porridge was rather grainy and not as smooth as the Lion City's version.

Well I guess this is a good alternative for supper since it is open from 3pm to 3am when I don't feel like travelling to town or Geylang for my porridge fix!

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