Sunday, July 5, 2009

Best of Hong Kong: Icecream and Gelato

XTC Gelato is our favourite ice cream haunt in Hong Kong - the first (of many) times we tried was at Tsim Tsa Tsui's ferry terminal.
Rose petal, chilli chocolate, mango coconut (43HKD)

Whilst it was obvious which tasted like bandung and another which tasted like mango pomelo sago, the chilli chocolate was really unique for the tingling sensation as the dense chocolate icecream trickles down your throat.

HK milk tea, crunchy pistachio, chilli chocolate

And the chilli chocolate was nice enough to warrant another repeat try... Kelly likes the HK milk tea though, while I favoured the crunchy pistachio - I like almost anything with nuts.
We must say that the QC was a problem - the first time the serving was gigantic but this time round it wasnt up to our (already marked up) expectations.

Milk Top (Sogo, Causeway Bay) originates from Japan and we give it tops for unique, light ice cream flavours.
Expensive desserts we never got to try...
Red wine, maple (25 HKD)
Both flavours were very light - red wine was mildly alcoholic whilst the maple tasted of honey laced syrup.

We also tried royal milk tea but it was too light for our liking - all the yuan yangs have primed our taste buds for stronger doses of the tea.
For stronger flavours I like Da Dolce (New Town Plaza, Shatin, Hong Kong) - my favourites include 99% dark chocolate, after8, bacio kiss, hazelnut caramel, roasted almond crunch. The oriental flavours black sesame, coconut and the interesting-sounding cheesy mixed nuts was a little too light for my liking.
after 8, pistachio, roasted almond crunch

My favourite from this trio was not the nutty ones, surprisingly. The after 8 had flakes of chocolate mint made this such a refreshing treat.
Mama mia gelato (Mungkok, Hongkong) was a place I tried when I was bored shopping in Mungkok (Yes the shopping wasnt that fantastic)
There were many unique flavours there..
But i settled for the strawberry cheesecake which was a new flavour - this was a really chewy icecream with digestive bits and strawberry swirls.
And if you roam around the Hong Kong streets enough you are bound to see one of these Mister Softie vans parked around the roads.
This is a milkier, softer version of the Ikea soft serve and is very very addictive.
When the wind gets too strong (like the harbour terminal), you get the leaning tower of mr softee.
And this is the infamous Icecream cone from Ikea (Shatin).
And who can forget Haagan daz!!
Chocolate Hazelnut Brittle, unavailable here. Its like a nutella icecream with bits of waffle crisps.
Have you seen triple scoops in Singapore? Have you had a triple scoop served in a pint before? well I've only seen double scoops and never served in a pint before. We had baileys, tiramisu, and chocolate hazelnut brittle. Baileys rocks my world.
Other rocking flavours include dulce de leche and cappuchino truffle. Bring it over from Hong Kong!!

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