Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hong Kong: Quickie Brekkie at Australia Dairy Company

Australia Dairy Company is one of the quickest place to have your breakfast. The queues are long for the place is really popular but the turnover rate is rapid... So true to the nature to this place, this entry shall be a chopchop one too!

Queueing to get in even inside...
You can order a breakfast set like above - my came with fresh hot milk. Warm thick toast and scrambled creamy eggs. Mm.
Basically from the time you sit down and if you order rightaway you get your food in 10 seconds, down it, and get out. Its amazing how orderly the whole routine runs for each customer and you can imagine the minimal service and attention you get. You have to be loud to be heard, you share tables if your group is too small, and your plate gets taken away almost after the last morsel is eaten.
Kels had a set with macaroni and ham.
Kelly's milk tea
My warm milk which i...
dunk buttered toast in....It was most decadent, soaking buttered toast in warm milk!
Of cos we had to end off with dessert so we ordered a steamed egg and this turned out much too much like custard for our liking.
The steamed milk was a little like the version in Yee Shun's. Tastes extremely homemade, and has this aftertaste of powdered milk but we loved it.
All the bowls of steamed ____ to be eaten!

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Aaron カイジュン said...

I had this when I was that too...LOVE IT!!!