Monday, July 13, 2009

Hong Kong: Tai Yuan 大牌檔

On our second day in Hong Kong, our friends wanted to take us to try Tai Yuan (Fo Tan, Hong Kong) this street side food stall,, or what Hong Kongers call a 大牌檔 and they warned us that although the food is delicious it'll be really oily and unhealthy, and that the place is a little unhygenic and we might get diarrhoea if we're not conditioned to the food...but of cos being the greedy folks we were, we just took it on.
This place is really near a university and it is really popular with the students as a supper joint as it is cheap and opens till late. At later hours, the 大牌檔 even expands its territories to take over the nearby bustop and road.
Pretty much like the Singapore Zi Char setting actually...
This is not your typical oyster omelette - I realise oyster omelette is different in different countries - Singapore's taste more eggy, Thailand's taste more gooey and starchy, Korean's pancake tastes more floury, whereas in Hong Kong there's alot of minced dough and egg, and was rather oily. The crispy bits were the best, though. Our Hong Kong friends missed the ones in Singapore alot.
I liked the fried chicken in lemon sauce the most.
I was rather afraid of the diarrhoea inducing lala so I didn't really eat this..
Fried Octopus was most fresh, usually I don't like creatures with tentacles cos they're too chewy for my liking.
Beef ribs soup to cleanse the palate..
This was the best dish of the night, beef stew with vermicelli. The stock was robust and the meat inside extremely tender.
The much needed fiber..
Our friends are such regulars the free flow porridge was in fact, truly free!
And of cos at the end of the story you'll wanna know what the outcome is and no we didnt get Salmonella.

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