Monday, August 3, 2009

Hong Kong: Shanghainese food

There was a day in our first week of Hong Kong that we had Shanghainese food for both lunch and dinner.... and it wasn't intentional but it was unexpectedly good, especially the dinner.

My clinical group was on our way to a rural hospital at Kwun Tung so we had to stop over at this small town to have lunch and we ate at Shanghainese Noodles (Hongkong) . I had duck noodles and the duck was marinated extremely well, resulting in a tender and flavoursome meat to go with my (extremely plain) noodles.

As a set...the other people in my group tried different sets but I didn't snap theirs...
The fried red bean pancake was good too as it was freshly fried and hence extremely crisp.

Kelly and I then went on to meet Kaesian and Kai-lyn for dinner at Festival Walk, this new shopping centre in Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong. I was very happy cos I found See's Candies there ! Its a candy shop owned by Warren Buffet - I bought their assorted candy of chocolate, coffee and toffee and the chocolate hard sweets were extremely good. Anyway, we were supposed to eat at Itamae but the queue was insanely long so we settled for Wang Jia Sha (Festival Walk, Kowloong Tong, Hong Kong)- it was also featured in the U-magazine and the food looked pretty good so we gave it a shot.

We started with the cold cut beef. Kaesian (whose grandma makes great Shanghainese food) educated us on the process of making this dish - they actually compress gelatin through the meat and then freeze the slab of meat - resulting in gelatinous layers in between the cold meat layers. They then slice the meat up and douse the entire meat slab in brown sauce.

The fried spring onion pancake was really crisp and hot, straight out of the fryer. Its like a chinese style roti prata (again, eaten with chopsticks)
This is the sauce for the....
Fried noodles...this is the first time I am eating such thick fried dried noodles so it was quite novel!
Kai lyn and Kelly shared the Ma-La noodles...
They also shared the xiaolong bao..
The smoked duck had a really crisp skin and the meat inside was really flavourful, being slightly red and tender.
Came as a set with the mantou but I enjoyed the duck on its own..
We started desserts with a peanut glutinuous rice roll that tastes exactly how it sounds...quite an ingenious idea though.
Sticky rice with gritty bits of peanut makes a very delicious snack!!
We also had a egg white souffle which was all really just fluff... topped up with icing sugar..
And we went to have Haagan daz after dinner, featured in my ice cream special. All the malls in HK are so similar to each other, and the new ones here in Singapore. Sigh, urban jungle !!!!

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