Sunday, August 23, 2009

Up, Victor's Kitchen

Met up with Kelly on Thursday (Sorry Jeremy it rained out and its like, first day of THE month!) and we caught Up at the Cathay. Awesome show it was, for once I actually liked an animation (didnt't like Ice Age nor Wall.E). As much as it revolves around couple-y moments (Elly really reminded me of our Sunflower, Marc) and family themes, the suspense and vulnerability of a floating house, and the very vulnerable characters of a grouchy widower slowly opening up his barriers to lead the adventure he never got a chance to with his married life, was absolutely touching.

I like today's popcorn. Thickly coated +++ I think Cathy comes in a close second after cine's popcorn (must go to the one near the level four box office)- must go and try the one at Shaw Leisure Towers as recommended by Nat. and the very yummy sourlicious jalepeno and sour cream crackers (on offer at $3.50) that we got from Marks and Spencer's. All the crunchy shapes made it very interesting for our palate as we were totally consumed by the movie.
Just before the movie browsed at a bazaar ouside SMU (happened to pass by cos I missed Mr Bean's icecream too much) and I found a gorgeous Japanese inspired top for $15 ! Shall go to all the flea markets from now on. Shenzhen has spoilt me way too much.

We walked to Victor's Kitchen (91 Bencoolen Street #01-21 Sunshine Plaza ) for dim sum after the movie. The best item on the dim sum menu is this You tiao Chee Cheong Fan - the youtiao within remained crispy and chewy and sandwiched between layers of silky cheong fan with soya sauce the contrast was fantastic.
I had the steamed prawn and vegetables dim sum but found the skin a little too thick. Otherwise the ingredients within was fresh and delicious.
The custard buns weren't the runny type that we were craving for - instead it was like a custard paste within, and a salted egg yolk right in the middle.
I had the wala-wala porridge - there's a multitude of ingredients within: cuttlefish, fish, peanuts - but the porridge itself was really too bland ! Ah Chiang's at Tiong Bahru and Zhen Zhen at Maxwell has spoilt me.
Ditto for Kelly's century egg and fish porridge..
Ditto my comments for Kelly's king prawn dim sum (famous and was featured in the Top 100 snacks list some time ago) again the skin was a little too thick..
And the uncle cheated our money about this yam spring roll ! Again rather out of the mill..
We were trying (very hard) to relive our Hong Kong experience so I had my hot yuang yang and Kelly had her iced summer tea - both were really really thick. What was unique was that the iced tea had the ice around the cup instead of within, so as not to dilute the tea. Quite thoughtful!
The only other item worth trying here (other than the youtiao chee cheong fan which is rather hard to find in Singapore) is this steamed milk custard. It is served piping hot (gotta wait 15 minutes), and that's the best way to have it cos it preserves the original milk flavour, just like how powdered hot milk taste like, but in a custard form.

After that we wanted a second round of desserts (despite being very full from all the junk) at the new icecream shop at Sunshine Plaza (which I'll blog about soon) but it didnt have the very interesting flavours we saw on its Kaya Toast! We'll keep coming back till we manage to try those flavours.

We then walked over to the National Library (and not getting good karma crossing numerous roads cos we were laughing too much too hard at someone) and I managed to borrow Wally Lamb's latest novel which i've been wanting to read for a long time. We...managed to resist a trip to Tom's - and the rain !! Oh boy the rain. Drats....Night cycling for another time then!

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