Saturday, January 9, 2010

Burger Shack

It was a day when we saw a test lump, clerked a oeso ca, no luck with paeds, had the BA tutorial with Praba at 10am, then clerked a breast CA before heading back. Marc's parkin was running fast at science, so we zhaoed and I went to Coronation Plaza for some (birthday!) errands.

Oh boy that Starbucks there makes me really old !! Its super inconducive to read whatsoever there....its great fun to watch what your neighbours are up to tho, we spied some of Jacob's alma mater's students reading The Highly Sensitive Guy in Love, and soon his friend started sewing!!! ROFL.

And we even gotta witness a staff training midway..most hilarious having a tasting session, and they were thinking of ways to describing the drink to customers.

Anyway, he tried to teach polyps and we went through abit of swallowing before I went to collect my stuff from Coro and back with Chocolates. Back was a quickie dinner at Burger Shack (555 Bukit Timah Road, Kings Arcade 01-01) before we zaoed for Chew's.

There are 4 beef burgers - Original, Double, Ramly and Mushrooms Cheese. Luckily they could whip up the burger in 10 minutes or else its gonna to have been Macs =/ I had the Mushroom Cheese and I thought my burger was a mid between a gourmet and a fast food standard of a burger. The patty is gruffily beefy, but not as meaty as the ones I had in Hong kong (they were amazing...Pro Burger never fails to make me drool). Its just slightly thicker than the Macs one too. But I guess if you like your burger neat, and not greasy and dripping with sauce and juices, you will like this burger. I prefer my burger to gruesomely messy and chunky (like Brewerkz King Brew!) and this is quite the opposite. Even the Mushroom Swiss from BK will suffice that messy burger craving sometimes.
Jacob had the Original and the first few bites he mumbled it was not bad but eventually said it was a little dry...Yes without the mushroom sauce I guess it is too neat for real burger.

We had no time so we didnt try much else - would wanna try their BBQ chicken burger next time, and their other fried items esp calamari too! And the ice cream !! Saves me walking about 4oo meters to Serene Centre =)

Anyway, on the way to walking to Coro, I now realise where is Le Wu Cafe and La Petit Roastery ! I can't believe James couldnt find online where is La Petit Roastery...we are going there the next outing ya...

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