Thursday, January 14, 2010

Burger Bench and Bar

I feel like a Burger special again....

It was a trip down memory lane to AH - parked in front of Auditorium (realise the value of coming early for parkin esp now with the damn satellite place), ECG Star - Team YJ vs Hons and Prof Raja's puzzle spotting, my elective tutor NST's crash course on x rays.

Went to sg - rejected for morning (neuros) Came back and the intensity of murmurs ++ (asd vsd,ar with gallarv,mr,av replacement) and respi (hydropneumot,lobect,post tb bronchiec). Lunch was insipid at the canteen with Marcus, Daryl, Weeming - crush on y, vijayjay and evilness to convert v's to adobe. Quite fruitful seeing a DM ft abscess s/p amputation, acute gout. Came back to feel a thal (jaundice, hepatospleno) and listened to the (hopefully scary)mo briefing.

We initially planned to go House but we veered offtrack (the burger moods strike) so we headed to Burger Bench and Bar (Cathy Cineleisure Orchard, Basement 1) Was at a corner seat, then shifted in.

We love the casual atmosphere at this place, despite it being situated at a high human traffic area. By the time we finished our early dinner there were already people waiting for seats (there was no structured queue). The decor reminded me very much of Relish, where the menus are scrawled on the walls. B3 is trying to promote burgers as wholesome fast food, that fast food can be good if prepared with fresh, wholesome ingredients. I must say they kept to their promise.

I had the Sarawak Special - this is the black pepper beef and I declare this to be the top of my fast food burger list!! Extremely tender, and loosely packed meat patty which was most meatilious topped up with lovely toasty sesame buns The burger is simple and good, no qualms about that. It was so delicious I forgot there was no cheese in this.

However the chips were a little stale I do wish they can have those yummy thick cut fries straight out of the fryer.

Kelly had the Mushroom Cheese and she enjoyed this to bits too.
We really miss Pro Burger from our Hong Kong days. 180 grams of Angus beef man, power.

Another item worth trying is the Gourmet Dark Chocolate soft serve. I found it amazing that the dark chocolate flavour came through and through despite it being a soft serve. Well, its not that soft I suppose...its like the consistency of perhaps Mr Bean's soya icecream (which I eat everyday) so I really really enjoyed this. I'll prob have this most times when I come to watch movies here now !

We were trying to then find a place to discuss about the fruitful day and the plan was first Spinelli's at Heeren (too crowded!) - and boy has that place gone through a huge revamp. We managed to find a spot at the Coffee Bean at 313 Orchard and managed to iron out vsd and asd, with Kels spotting my mom and sister (not incidentally!) Nutty Special = Pistachio Milkshake, White chocolate Frap for her.

We were so glad we went to satisfy our burger craving. Finally a great affordable place in town to eat at! We wanna try the curry chicken burger and the butter fish wasabi burger next. Watch this space.


Anonymous said...

gasp. did I hear fish wasabi burger? This place sounds great! Thanks for the review, it has successfully tempted me to try it soon!

Anonymous said...

their burgers are nice, but didn't like the idea of having chips from the packet.