Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wild Honey

Its great to start the year with breakfast.

No, actually, I had Macs after midnight on new year's.....not counted!!

Anyhow, after some online getting together in the morning, the girls (and Qian's fren) decided they were gonna watch Holmes (which I watched last night) and we later all gathered at Wild Honey (Level 3, Mandarin Gallery).

The stories of the world of animal med is most intriguing.... and the realm of sci fi shows =)
I love NY - Scrambled eggs, Smoked Sturgeon + Cheese bagel. I really enjoyed the scrambled eggs, with the salty bits of fish between, and the condiments. Its creaminess and egginess hit a perfect balance. And the sesame bagel was really delightful, love my bread well toasty, and with that extra edge of texture by the sesame seeds, just like how i love nutty breads. Yet, it manages to be chewy within. My love for bagels has just got reignited by this.
Tuniscan - sunny side eggs with tomato stew - This was originally mine, but E decided to take it in the end (she doesnt do beef). This comes with chicken chunks especially catered to our requests. If you like your eggs crusted down to the pan this is for you.
This is Yiqians - its Ciabatta with Scrambled eggs and Tofu. I ended up eating the last portions of this as she thought this was a tad too bland and couldnt finish. I guess I understood the value of the smoked sturgeon in my scrambled eggs, for tofu doesnt provide much of a bang in scrambled eggs.
Waffles with Custard and Mango - gotta catch this fella hot and crisp!

Note that photography is not allowed here so do ask for permission... the service tries to be personal but somehow it wasn't as homely and forthcoming as it was at Chalk.. perhaps ladies (at chalk) do give off a more genuine vibe? Anyway, the novel thing about this place is that it has no menus for reference, you gotta refer to the boards around the counter, or to the iphones at the counter, which will flash pictures after the captions.

I would say that this place is a little pricey, but I guess you are paying for what you are eating, and where. It wasn't crowded on a Friday night at all, and loved the casual homely feel of the place. This is quite a novel idea I must say, offering breakfasts from all over the world from Mexican to Jap to American.

We went grocery shoppin at Taka after, and I quickly grabbed a longs at Mango before we set off out of the ridiculous parkin at taka, gotta go satisfy the craving for green tea soy latte again (two consecutive days!! =P)

Jasmine, we missed you! and im sure you miss breakfast food too! and us ! haha =) hope china's treating you well!


ice said...

The scrambled eggs look divine!

yixiaooo said...

i visited wild honey last weekend and had their tuscan and salmon salad. looks like there's a lot more to be had!

Anonymous said...

I tried the scandinavia and mexican burrito. Love the place too! =)