Saturday, April 21, 2012


Having the Roast Chicken at Cocotte (Wanderlust Hotel) meant missing the WD (that boss had to do on his own!), the Russian extravaganza, and Timbre Rocks and Roots with on-leave Chongs.
But I wont miss my girls for the world.

Only they can watch me tear apart the bird and not be disgusted.

Feast and yet keep an ear for the achingly sweet tomboy of a singer.

And will not laugh (too hard) about forgetting to tip the valet with no manners.

Thanks for all these years, girls! To more meals, music, laughter.

By the way, the bird was good. Tender and worth getting messy for ;) And! I have a new found love for unbitterised Brussel Sprouts (the way Cocotte does it)

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