Saturday, April 14, 2012

Tasting room

The eggs Ben that Kels was raring to try
Truffle fries- another reason to pay a visit!

Met Kels for brunch after Sunday rounds ended surprinsingly early - even had time to send the cello for a check before meeting up with her. Horrors the night before ($18 bucks parking at Millenia Walk after the IT fair surcharge) so was a bit skeptical when the Marina Square parking was full as well, but managed a lot. And did not get fleeced. Kels booked a place at The Tasting Room (Marina Square) but honestly...we kinda booked the whole place as well (if you get it)

This was a place we wanted to try some time ago already, and almost did until we decided to Skyve instead cos Cheang was on call. So we finally got down to trying this place. Food wise it was good but unmemorable...its been an overdose of eggs ben and truffle fries of late (but im not complaining) so after a while when you eat it ever so often it becomes like one of your going out staples...its probably my comfort food, just like how pancakes and waffles (and of cos, Kaya toast) are Kel's comforts..gosh when was the last time we staked out kaya toast joints?? best friend can we do a food escapade soon....

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