Friday, April 6, 2012

Tanjong Beach Club

The power of being on leave (not me, Chongs)...Fri night at Scotts Square ramening, catching Man on a Ledge, fries at Blujazz, and still having energy to suntan at Tanjong Beach Club..
Partially deconstructed Eggs Benedict with a hashbrown instead of a all the variations of eggs ben, cant wait to check out Late Plate's version.
We loved the yoghurt parfait loads...very refreshing..
Never thought I'll be part of the meat parade by the pool but..yeah... we were...before migrating to the sun deck chairs by the beach to snooze...

Eventually came back a week later after Southern Ridges and had the Mixed Berries Bowl..loved the stone cold stone bowl... I wish I could call this place home, really ;)

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