Saturday, October 19, 2013

Sushi airways

With clinic ending at 6 and exits after, headed to Js who's also caught up with an admin bomb in his own words. Almost headed to Liang court but detoured to a nearer Sushi Airways (20 Baghdad Street) for a sushi craving. 

The restaurant is decked out to mimic an aeroplane, with plane like windows and seats. Even the menu is styled like a flight menu - would be great if air planes did serve food like this lol
Salmon tataki salad- like a carpaccio and J was rather amused by the chrysanthemum petals till he bit into the bulb of the stalk.
Double salmon - we were quite excited when they seared the top salmon... Reminds us of the gold standard of the seared fatty salmon in ryoshi sushi ( makes me salivate thinking about it ). This has a crisp salmon skin atop a seared salmon , beneath it a sushi mini maki dusted with spice.
We we're between a sushi platter and a sashimi platter and decided for the former... Lots of wasabi in those tiny tuna rolls ! My favorite is prob the mackerel, interestingly. All the sushi were jumbo sized, and really fresh.

The chef here really hosts us in a very fatherly manner, and when we saw him later on (outside the restaurant) asked why we weren't home yet it's starting to rain ! Quite amused:p

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