Monday, November 4, 2013

Tamoya udon

This is my second time here- first was with my siblings when I had the extra chewy version and it came dry with a separate dip. It warrants a separate visit as this is on the top 50 list to try ;)

Omg this is the best recovery food after tennis ( perfect after rain weather and improved ground strokes :p ). Raw egg udon ! Tasted oh so fab with the crusted bits of tempura.add seaweed and spring onion for garnish.. The dip is not really necessary cos it tasted too good on its own !!

Out of the tempura we had (prawn, sweet potato, eggplant and pumpkin ) our favorite was prob the last. Sigh an inspiration for our remaining quarter in the fridge :p

Ended the night with Paris masters finals djokovic vs ferrer pity for a déjà vu 2-0. Crabbies ginger beer- this time with strawberry and lime never fails to knock us out :p 

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