Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Naked Finn

Post post call on a slightly drizzly Tuesday night, made our way to Naked Finn ( though I thought I wanted to save it till pre call thurs )... Sat at the counter watching the mixologist do their thing ;) think we much prefer to watch cooks lol.
Really happy we got to try their momo- cocktail! He showed us the peach liqueur he used in addition to the fresh momo, grossly pounded into a mixture with dry gin. We have thus started the countdown for the hunt for this momo liquer
We went ala carte- had the twin portion of squid, scallop cerviche and the piquant vermicelli. I like the crunch ends of the squid much.

Had the fried barramundi too the crisp skin is done to perfection.
We had the prawns as well. J had fun peeling all 12 of them haha. 

They were nice to give us a conplimentary serving of the pumpkin soup! Much reminds us of the pumpkin ( unintended ) purée that we tried to cook on Sat night lol. Too bad they ran out of the mussels !!

On a separate note ... Happy eating and posting ;) whatever floats your boat.

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