Saturday, September 20, 2008

Au Petit Salut

a very memorable lunch, it was a slightly drizzly day when we arrived, fresh from chasing this Audi R8 all the way into Minden road!! it sped off into dempsey of cos, and my clueless bud was wondering why i pulled into the private car park for Au petit salut (cos i wanted to surprise her!)
ah my photo taking sucks, can see the shadow of my hand. the interior of the bungalow was lovely, and there was the option of al fresco (which we were assigned to cos i booked too late but thank god a couple vacated early so we could dine in air con!). i wasn't too impressed with their baguette... which they replenished throughout the meal.

Thin slices of roasted veal, with light tuna sauce, rocket salad

i honestly couldnt see the veal at all and again i forgot to take the THIN slices seriously cos it was really so sobs, the thin layer of veal at the bottom was drowning in the tuna sauce man!

Half dozen Bergundy snails with tomato and garlic butter

i liked short's escargos much much better! but unfortunately they came de-shelled i love digging them out with the small fork..makes eating interesting (though i hate it if the deshelling is too complicated like in crabs and it takes me longer to de-shell than to eat). the sauce was very good we mopped up whatever left overs with the bread.

Red wine braised beef cheeks, carrots, mushrooms and parsley potato

a sizable portion, the beef cheeks was tender and robust. it was more like a stew, though i must say its not as mushy. i enjoyed every bit of this .

Braised lamb shoulder stew, spring vegetables and baby potatoes

this had a distinct lamb taste so don't choose this if you dun like the muttony taste. but fans of muttons we are, so we liked this too! but i still prefer my mains of beef cheeks over this.

Choux buns filled with vanilla ice cream in warm chocolate sauce, sliced almonds

ooh, first bite and i was in gastronomic heaven. The hot gianduja chocolate with the cold vanilla icecream with the crisp savoury pastry and crunch of the almonds was such a classic! the dark chocolate sauce was really awesome, it had a residual hazelnutty aroma to it. oh my, if only Au petit salut has ala-carte options then i wouldnt have to sit throught the entire set lunch to enjoy this!

Mocha: Coffee Souffle with chocolate truffle

short was a souffle fan so this dessert was screaming at her from the meu. proudly risen, this was a delight too , the inside of the souffle being soft and the chocolate centre was a great pairing with the coffee aroma but this doesnt beat my profiteroles! (then again im not much of a fan of souffles)

dropped by ben and jerry's at dempsey to pick up a pint of vanilla ice-cream...short and i sat on the couple swing seats at the alfresco area, chatting about randon musings, car gazing and celebrity spotting ! (we saw jean danker) oh, what a casual lunch affair!

Au Petit Salut

40C Harding Road

Tanglin Village (Dempsey Road)

Tel: 6475 1976

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