Friday, September 26, 2008

Foo House

a posting to the far east of the island and a recommendation by a very kind consultant (who generously signed everything for the day ie EARLY DAY!! and also rushing off for lunch right after our tutorial with his gp friend of his) brought us to bedok simpang area again to this very quaint sleepy row of shophouses... along there were places like miss u cafe which offers set lunches for under 15 bucks, and house of bread which is a bakery-cafe ie. more reasons not to be moody whenever i tio a blardi far east posting...

a very casual eatery, the consultant promised good food (as the chef here was previously from grand hyatt and there were like reminders on the table too rattling off his prior culinary experience and his famed roast duck) and even drinks and beer ! of cos, some of our cg mates immediately woke up during the tutorial (me at food and some others *ahem* at the booze)

if you can like zoom in you can read the menu..everything sounds very good doesn't it? the set lunch is very worth it, for the cost of $9.80 ++ , the meal comes with a pumpkin soup, a mains of either the rosemary lamb sandwich, beef steak sandwich or hainanese pork chop, and a drink - either iced tea or coffee.
between the 8 of us, I had the Monster Picardy burger (added mushrooms and fried egg), Foo house roast duck (with butter rice) with sterling , and the Irish lamb stew again with sterling and kok. the others had set lunches - basically all the options for the set lunches were tried out by my very hungry cg mates (with another ala-carte rosemary lamb sandwich right at the end ordered by 2 insatiable guys)

Pumpkin soup

my orders were not part of their set lunches so this didnt belong to me, i tried some but im not much of a fan of vegetable soup but my friends said that it was quite good..

Traditional Irish Stew, $9.90

Braised lamb simmered with potatoes and veggies in a clear broth served with European style bread rolls

I actually wanted to order this for myself but sterling kept pondering over the burger and i also wanted to try that so after negotiating we settled on lamb stew, burger and roast duck...happiness!! because all these are the recommended dishes and i got to try all! more people makes eating very interesting... eating 3 types of meat at one sitting makes julie a very happy carnivore..

so instead of the pumpkin soup as my starter, this main dish option on the menu became my starter instead and im so glad i didn't forgo this. the lamb flavour permeates through, and even the cabbages and carrots were well flavoured with the herbs of the soup. i only wish there was more meat ! (and it was a european style bread ROLL not rolls but at least it was warm)

The Picardy Monster Burger, $14.90

'The crowning glory is the humongous 6 oz juicy fresh beef patty topped with melted cheese.

Caution: not for the faint hearted!'

For the 'FOO works' you can choose the option of adding bacon, fried egg, caramelized onions or mushrooms for 1 buck per option..we added the egg and the mushrooms...actually it wasn't that monstrous (i mean, after the king brew burger at brewerkz i think anything else is actually not impossible). It was a good size, and the meat was indeed juicy as described, and the patty was just as i liked it - well minced, and medium well. but after awhile, my friend and i got sick of our burger cos it was really very only grouse is that i couldnt really find the mushrooms!! the burger comes with fries and fresh veggies (i guess to be eaten with the burger to offload all the evil LDL)

Foo House Roast Duck, $15.90

'Marinated with more than 10 herbs and spices, its sure a winner!'

well, yeah a sure winner cos this dish triumphs the others in terms of price being the most expensive of the lot. but we simply had to try it cos this decorated dish was raved about by bloggers and is the specialty of the chef and it didn't disappoint. the first bite of it when i tasted the crispy skin with the succulent meat i really thought that i was eating duck confit. i think the tastiest part was that nearest the skin but it got a tad dry nearer the bone. the sauce itself was average and it would have been better if there was more. continue onto this dish after the burger means diminishing returns towards the end..we couldn't really finish the rice (and after all that meat, the butter rice did taste a bit like chicken rice) although i did like the sides of this dish.

Rosemary Lamb Sandwich

Marinated lamb fillets stuffed between a toasted foccacia bun

This was good enough for one of my guy friends (that joker has never eaten lamb in his life, believe it or not) to order one more towards the end of the meal. kinda got cheated of his feelings though, the waitress (they all look like they were still in JC - but service is attentive, topping up our iced water and attending to all our additional orders =P) said that the ala-carte sandwich was gonna be bigger than the set lunch one but its not true!!! its the same above sized one... and they all concurred that the lamb sandwich beats the roast beef one...

and if you scrutinize the menu carefully, you can see the deep fried snickers bar? with all the saga over milk, i wonder if they still offer this man....haha..we were too stuffed for desserts after the heavy meal.. but it was a jolly good recommendation, well these consultants are such foodies too, something not difficult to aspire to be!

Foo House Cafe and Bar

6 Jalan Pari Burong , Picardy Garden (oh, no wonder its the Picardy burger)

Tel: 6445 3110

Lunch: 12pm - 3pm Dinner: 6pm - 10pm (Closed on Mon)

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