Sunday, September 7, 2008

New Asia Bar

Trio Creme Brulee, $12

when i learnt my favouritest bar CLOSED for renovations i was devastated cos i thought it was for good but thank goodness it isnt and if im not wrong it'd be up and running come 5 sept ie time for a return visit soon!

longchong and i arent drinkers and post dinner i decided on this place so that she'd enjoy the magnificent view and viola we were surprised by the dessert offerings here! wondering if the newly opened bar has an expanded menu hmmms

either the waiter wasnt knowledgable enough to explain the dessert offerings or the dessert menu was new - as the waiter tried to justify his ignorance, god forbid- we got annoyed when he couldnt tell us whether the creme brulee was a single serving of 3 flavours or it was to be 3 separate flavours so we gave up and just decided to order it and wait for the surprise

and a surprise it was, with its riot of colours and myriad of flavours. from left to right bottom, there was creme brulee of rose, lychee and black sesame, the latter to be the favourite of long chong and eventually mine. there was also condiments of lychee, some chewy powdery biscuit with mint leaves, and mango puree. it was impossible to bored with this dessert cos there's such an interesting variety and honestly, i havent ventured into trying flavoured creme brulees yet..i think the only other creme brulee i've tried is the currently demised Menotti's version.

the selling point of this place is the view and indeed at the 72nd floor it does wow first timers, so much more scenic than the dhl balloon and alot less expensive too (entry fee payable after 9pm on fridays and saturdays) and with happy hour from 12-1am drinks arent exorbitant either...there was once a group of us went there for drinks and we ordered 20 over shots and it was 116++ before the 40 % discount..(the shots were very yummmy!! esp the irish baileys with butterscorch). and another time i went with food club, and we tried the sangria it was rather stale though ($38 for 2 pax). they do serve pizzas and kebabs too but i dun fancy eating such food in a bar where i cant see what i put into my mouth.. music gets progressively louder and clubbier late into the night. i dun know how the pricing would be after the new opening so i should check it out soon!

interior of pre renovated new asia bar oh i cant wait to see how it looks like now!

i don't think the skyline'd change with the renovation so you don't miss out on this =)

New Asia Bar

2 Stamford Road

Level 71, Equinox Complex, Swissotel The Stamford

Tel: 6837 3322

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