Thursday, September 4, 2008

Izakaya Nijumaru Restaurant

i'd never have ventured into the land of sleazy japanese karaoke pubs if i didn't read about it in camemberu's blog.. i realise that there are quite a few jap eateries there like kuishigin (which is the sister restaurant of nambantei at far east) and noodle house ken there.. and i like it that its off town, not so congested and commercialised like all the other run-off-the-mill-catered-for-the-tastebuds-of-the-masses kind of generic casual dining places/chain japanese restaurants..
this restaurant occupies much of the second floor and is relatively easy to find with its prominent green signage..its quite interesting cos the shop seating areas are like friend and i were so happy to secure a seat cos it was quite packed but we realised on our way to the (VERY SECLUDED) restroom that there were actually more sitting areas, some not even used cos it was a weekday and it was not that full..
the menu is in japanese and the english translations so do not help as they are direct translation of the pronounciation of the japanese characters (like the hanyupinyin for the japanese) and i think the waitresses are even less of a help when i do ask them to recommend as they'd ask me back what i like instead of recommend the more popular dishes or the restaurant's i'd never have known that the tofu steak was a specialty until i read about it online (and note this dish is not even on the menu)
Tofu Steak
Unlike the regular agadeshi tofu, this piece of tofu was drenched in butter sauce and it makes me think of eating toast drenched in butter or buttery popcorn..anything coated butter is really yummmy!

Unaju set, $20

The first page of the menu had all the meal sets and this was one of the top few recommended (other than the Izakaya bento) so i chose this. I could have the option of tempura or sashimi as a side and of cos i'd choose sashimi..the set came with seaweed, miso soup, pickles and orange (which i did not touch i hate real oranges)

closer look at the unagi don..the slices are really quite thick and succulent this was lovely indeed !

Sashimi set, $14

This was my friend's set and though the sashimi was fresh, after having tried Fish Mart Sakuraya which i'd talk about later and another secret place, i don't think this quantity justifies $14! Just 3 slices of salmon , and another 3 of tuna and 2 yellow tail my friend sure wasn't full at all after her dinner!

Well if i ever do learn more japanese food language and the waitresses are more adept at recommending more dishes (or im suddenly very adventurous) i'd surely be back !

Izakaya Nijumaru Restaurant

5 Koek Road #02-10 Cuppage Plaza

Tel: 6235 6693

Mon - Sat 12pm - 2:30pm, 6pm - 10pm, Sun 6pm - 10pm

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