Monday, October 20, 2008

Cedele cakes

we were just supposed to order the whole Chocolate truffle cake from Cedele for my sister's birthday but when you have a mother and 2 daughters how are you suppose to resist ordering a round of cakes?

Carrot Cake

Moist carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and generous amount of Californian walnuts

we ordered 2 slices of this tall cake and boy was it good! it was indeed moist and the nuts were plentiful. my mom became a recent carrot cake convert after i convinced her that she'd like it after Cedele's. I think Cedele's is one of the best around, and Food for thought's version is equally good. Apparently, Andrew's sister, Lynda bakes excellent carrot cakes (for the President, i hear) so i must go and try that for myself.

Blueberry Hazelnut cheesecake

The hazelnut taste was very lightly perfused into the cheesecake. This is nice if you like your cheesecake creamy and plain-ish tasting. The blueberry taste is not strong at all but i like it that way because i hate sour cakes (unless its fruit and rum cake yum)

Chocolate Walnut Cheesecake

Usually i don't really like my chocolate and cheese all mixed in one cake ( since my tastebuds cant really decipher the flavours) - i prefer them in separate layers like Missclarity cafe's Twin Divine, or Secret Recipe's Choc Cheez - but i must say that this cake is good if you don't like your dense chocolate cake to be too chocolatey - the cheese actually dilutes out the chocolate lol

we also ordered a slice of the chocolate truffle (but we'll be having the whole cake to ourselves on friday) i cant wait for friday!

these cakes are worth braving the tight and crowded jelita car park for =) that car park was madness!! think its cos of the first hour free so everyyyyonnnneee drops by the cold storage there or rent videos or buy books ahhh so packed!

Cedele (Jelita)

293 Holland Road #01-01 Jelita Shopping Centre


brad said...

girls do love their cedele cakes eh? hahaha. got so many friends who cant resist their cakes

julie said...

indeed! i love cedele cakes. i've yet to try their breads and sandwiches and soups though...everytime im there i'd definitely have the cakes first..desserts more important! too bad for their mains haha

Fen said...

Haha, have to admit that Cedele's carrot cake is so far one of the best I have tried and I am curious about their other selections.

Seems like they have walnuts in most of their cakes and the bulk of their selection are cheesecakes, right?

So, how's Cedele's truffle slice?

By the way, who is Lynda? Does she has a shop?

julie said...

yeah but they're also into chocolate cakes like the chocolate truffle and chocolate pistachio...

i think you might not like the chocolate truffle - considering you didnt like caraibe - cos its like a dense chocolate bar with a thin crumbly biscuit bottom layer..i dun even consider it a cake cos its fully chocolate!

oh lynda is my friend's brother and she bakes at can drop me your email and i can let you know her number (and her menu as well).. i tried her chocolate rum cake and it was good! but her specialty is carrot cake and indeed the president orders from her.