Monday, October 20, 2008

Seoul Yummy Express, Suntec Food republic

Al Dosot Bibimbap, $6.50

i went back to this stall 3 times in the same week till the lady recognised me. (first with the Hongkong students, next with kels and another with my parents) -thats how good it was. this is the no-frills outlet that Seoul Yummy (which i like too!) operates in Food Republic Suntec(im not sure if other Food Republic has this express outlet). I like to ask for extra vegetables cos it really makes a whole lot of difference in terms of colour and crunchiness!instead of a raw egg york, this version has the prawn roe and the miso paste in place of it and it is defintely saltier and more flavourful - thats where the vegetables balances this out. I tried the beef and chicken version but I think the beef is alot better.

It comes with kimchi and soup as well...and it definitely creates a spectacle with the sizzling claypot so you'd definitely get stared at...the fun thing about the claypot is that you can create your own fried rice and mix it all up!

this is the first visit when I was with the Hong kong students and we all shared this - murtabak, chicken rice (a real rip off), nasi briyani and hokkien mee... oh i do miss those hong kong students, i cant wait till my exchange to see them again and by then it'll be my turn to be taken around to feast!

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