Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Green+on+Earth Cafe, Frolick

i keep reading about the rave reviews of the vegeterian food here (yeah, you got me right, it doesn't kill to be a herbivore once in awhile- no pun intended) so i dragged one of my healthier-eating frens along to try out the fare in this place...but gasp i realised he doesn't eat raw vegetables so oh well all the interesting avocado mango salads and vegeterian rojaks were kinda out (i don't think i'd wanna finish a whole salad for a dinner)

the modern hip ambience in Green+on+Earth Cafe is a huge contrast to the rest of the Beauty world centre that this cafe is situated in. the building looks very 1970 ish, with the grocery shops and old old family owned shops.. everything looks very old and the building looks like it can was so coincidental that the day before michelle actually dined at the peranakan restaurant just next door and she was rather curious about this place also when i was chatting with her that night and i told her i was gonna try this place! michelle blog faster tell me whether if its better than ivins!

2 of us ordered 3 dishes to share - one noodle, one pasta and one soy curry set with brown rice...well even if its just vegetables it won't be all that boring *crosses fingers*

Al Funghi Ramen

(mushroom and fresh vegetables) $5.20

i like mushrooms but i noticed that there weren't exclusive mushroom dishes - they all came with tofu or vegetables and were rather pricey (around 10 bucks) so i decided to just order this carb dish. RAW VEG GALORE! my repulsed friend asked me to clear it before he actually started on it...we forgot to read the words in the parentheses oh well...

the noodle was doused in a gravy and i thought the crunchy vegetables complemented the gravy laden noodles. disappointingly there weren't that many mushrooms!! then don't call it Al Funghi Ramen how very misleading. it was not too salty but was rather unimpressionable. my friend commented it tastes like any other chinese noodles which is quite true..its just that the overall branding as a healthy eatery that led us to pay 5 bucks to eat noodles and vegs..

i prefer the vegeterian soba that secret recipe offers cos the soba is likely tossed in some dressing and there's quite alot of vegetables! now it'd be perfect if they could throw in some mushrooms.

Forest of Fungus

(Fresh assorted mushroom, potato cubes and pasta cooked with milk and mozarella cheese) $9.80

This sounded very promising (yes yes because it has mushrooms too!) and it did smell fabulous (my ramen didn't smell of anything) but overall i feel that the cream didn't permeate through the pasta so it still doesn't have enough flavour in every bite. my friend said that it was probably meant to be light and simple and not heavy like gnocchis. well...i guess this was a healthy place and they definitely cant dish out some super unhealthy fatty cheese and cream laden pasta..

Soy Curry Pot $10
(Soy milk curried vegetables, served with brown rice and mini salad) $10

okay this was rather interesting and it did save our meal somewhat. the bits of mock mutton inside taste uncannily like the true meat, and the curry was actually rather light. Interesting take on curry, since coconut milk is always considered to be indispensible in curries. It went very well with the brown rice, and there were bits of lady fingers in the curry too.

but after that i felt a sudden craving for the cottage cheese curry at krithikaa's dad's vegeterian restaurant Ananda Bhavan..oh i shall return for the naan soon...

we weren't really enticed by the desserts there so we decided to head to holland v for the yoghurt icecream at Frolick because i thought that the zouk card-tie up promotion was still on and i could get some free topping or free upgrade but was not meant to be..

standing in the place of an ex-newspaper stand, frolick is essentially a bar counter in a hole in the wall with prettily made up girls serving you the ice cream (tsk tsk all these local ice cream chains) in different Cup sizes A, B, C (im sure you can figure which is the biggest) and the cheekiness doesn't stop there with their slapstick slogans as you can see for yourself splashed all over the store and the table tops.. obviously attention grabbing tactics going on over here!

yoghurt icecream comes in 2 flavours - original and peach flavoured., which is slightly more expensive. Toppings like strawberry (they give alot!!!!) and granola and even fruit loops are available at additional cost.

Left: Original flavour with blueberry topping

Right: Peach flavoured

MINE! yup i couldnt resist a fruity flavour. This was sweeter than the sourish original flavour. I prefer my yoghurt icecream sweeter so i prefer this to the original flavour. The peach flavour also tasted similar to the one at yoguru, except the latter was creamier and denser.

Frolick has been rather proliferative, popping up in millenia walk and serangoon gardens...those 3 young entrepreneurs are really aggressive man!

Green On Earth Cafe 144 Upper Bukit Timah Road #04-03 Beauty World Centre
Frolick 241 Holland Avenue #01-02 Holland Village


m said...

Julie! you must bring me to krithikaa's dad's vegeterian restaurant I like vegeterian just not a big fan of all that mock meats... in the process of blogging about the peranakan place before OnG arghhhhh

julie said...

yes michelle we must go and try ananda bhavan during the last 4 weeks at KK! i cant wait too!

p said...

meddie foodies rock.