Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Via Mar

a very expensive 42 bucks Seafood platter we greedily ordered because there was complimentary dessert that came with this order..this can easily be one person's appetiser (although i must say the fish was very nice) and indeed it was listed as an appetiser in the menu to be shared by 4...what, infants??? maybe its called appetiser for a reason cos we were so hungry after that (-but it worked against the restaurant cos we felt so ripped off we decided to have our mains at Shimbaishi soba )
the complimentary Spanish pancakes...these were quite small. The insides were of an egg-curd consistency and is covered by a fried crepe layer..very nice, if it was bigger (same principle applies to the seafood platter)
we should have ordered the paella! dunno why we were blinded by all that mussels and prawns and calamari. if only they didnt rip us off this time we'd be back to try their paella.
and the restaurant was so empty on a weekend (and after a performance)....so there for your puny portions!! go woe all the tourists you want but singaporean big eaters like us will have to adjourn to somewhere else!!

Via Mar Restaurant & Wine Bar
8 Raffles Avenue #01-10/12 Esplanade Mall


alicia said...

Via Mar is indeed very sad. I tried it once a few years back when I had craving for spanish food.

I can't recall the appetiser but it was something cheesy and the long awaited paella was just bad. It was too wet and my heart sank at the thought of the dearth of good paella in Singapore. Needless to say, I opted to have dessert at Max Brenner instead.

julie said...

oh dear!!ok i better not go back to try the paella there then...i heard limon, the spanish-thai place at purvis st serves good paella i shall try that soon and blog about it!