Wednesday, November 12, 2008


i wouldnt have eaten here (there are so many other places to try out in central!)if M didn't bring this dish to my attention cos i haven't eaten uni before this...and the best thing about this place is that there is a 30 per cent off on wednesdays for all ladies..and they very graciously (or accidentally i dunno? =P) extended this offer to my nonfemale friend as well so this place is indeed worth checking out on wednesdays!

this is my seafood don laden with ++++ uni, scallop, crabmeat and roe. the uni has quite a distinct shellfish taste - pretty much like mushed up blended oyster, which either i cant appreciate or it is not that fresh? there are different grades of uni, each differing in texture, tastes and colour... which i shall learn about when i eat more uni =) the scallops were really really fresh. but not the roe though.

comes as a set with pickles and miso soup...and its very affordable at 26 bucks before the discoount.

this is my friend's dish and it was tuna with mountain yam ($18)(the fake egg like looking thing on the left). the tuna was fresh and the mountain yam was bland - and being so finely grated it really didn't taste or feel like anything. Still, he liked the dish.
we came to the conclusion that the food was very "cheng", very healthy - not very exciting to the point of being slightly boring, like other generic restaurants...maybe thats why the newer ones that have been bursting into the culinary scene recently have specialised to become izakayas etc. indeed with fickle and daring palates like mine, places like these will be a one-try experience for me (unless its a wednesday and i've nowhere to eat before mambo =P
guys, be sure to bring some female friends here and hope the cashier is as blur as they were when i came !

Kyomomoyama (what a very difficult name to pronounce, spell and remember!!!!)
6 Eu Tong Sen Street
#03-87/100/101/110 The Central @ Clarke Quay
Tel: 6534 8001

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