Monday, November 10, 2008


UDDERS is my favourite local icecream store, simply because the icecream is extremely creamy and thick. My ultimate favourite is the triple sec, which is a super thick chocolate icecream with a hint of orange liquer. Its really thick, and is like a hybrid of frozen thick chocolate milk shake and melted cold orange chocolate. I love to eat the melting parts of my icecream (that boundary of frozen morphing into liquid), quite a peculiar habit.

All the alcoholic flavours are extremely potent, and when you ask to sample the alcoholic icecream flavours, the server will ask you to try the mild ones (like lychee martini) before progressing to the more potent ones (you get alcoholic breath after the rum and raisin one). Of all the alcoholic flavours I like the Rum and raisin, Irish Bailey's Cream (though i still miss the Haagan Daz version alot....bring it back!! i miss the states where each pint was USD $4.95 even in the hotels and they have irish bailey's cream everywhere!) as well as the Amaretto Black one (coffee icecream with almond liquer) the most !

The pinkish one you see above is Strawberry fields, and its my favourite out of all the fruity flavours, as there are bits of strawberry pieces and seeds and is creamy (I hate sorbets). I am not a fan of their Chempedek ice cream though, but Michelle seemed to fancy that alot. The durian ice cream here is very very good, and there are 2 types: the D 24 one and the Mao Shan Wang one. The latter is definitely packs a greater punch, but its the most expensive, it being priced as a Conoisseur flavour.

They also have local flavours like Gula Melaka (which essentially, tastes like a sweetish coconut icecream with bits of red bean) which i think is quite unique!

these poster are hilarious!

being an icecream scientist must be quite fun, translating icecream dreams into reality...some of the suggestions are really whacky man, check them out.

I love the chill out vibe of this shop, and there's even a board games corner. With free wi-fi and lazy lounge music, I am definitely coming back for more......especially to try their waffles!!

155 Thomson Road
Goldhill Shopping Centre
Tel: 6254 6629


brad said...

udders is at novena there right? haven try them before. a bit far away. haha

julie said...

yup!its just opp united square. goldhill plaza is a treasure cove of eats! there's matsuo and nara there as well.

Fen said...

Yeh, have to agree with you that U.d.d.e.r.s is one of my favourite ice-cream joint but I didn't like the alcoholic ice-cream that much as they are just too potent.

Their waffles are good!!! and priced reasonably, those thick belgium waffles with their yummy ice-cream, served with hot fudge...

My family's favourite happens to be the strawberry fields while I missed their chocomash almost all the time =)