Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Shimbaishi Soba

michelle highly recommend this place for dessert but chong and i decided to drop by to try out their soba ( right after that disappointing seafood platter )&(£^&*$T^*) and this time round we werent unlucky twice.

but we had to queue and chong hates to queue for anything (not even food)

it was a very busy night and extremely packed and luckily we didnt end up sitting right next to the queue (i hate people peering down at what i eat) .. with some very fragrant roasted green tea we were good to order and i ordered the unagi soba.

the noodles were firm to bite and were clearly handmade. the unagi kinda got even soggier inside the soup though..

this is Shokado A - Teriyaki Chicken, Salmon Sashimi, Soft Shell Crab Tempura, Fruit, Choice of Soba or udon (chilled). i don't quite like the idea of cold noodles but chong does as she eats hot soba at home alot. quite a wide variety of meats to go with the (rather bland) noodles. the teriyaki chicken was particularly tasty.

good place to come for a casual, no frills noodle craving but then again i can always get it fuss free and cheaper somewhere else, minus the horrendous queue and insane parking. will be back to try the tea time dessert promotion though.

Shimbaishi Soba

290 Orchard Road #B1-41 The Paragon

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