Wednesday, November 19, 2008


yesterday, M, fish annalisa and i the far east gang made our way again to try nanbantei at far east plaza. previously we were here at far east too after anasthesia at kk to try out wasabi tei. we were freakin early that one time and to our dismay both Wasabi tei and Nanbantei opens at 12 sharp (okay not that sharp for the nazi chef at Wasabi tei) so we were lingering around feeling miserably hungry....
but this time the opposite happened to us! fish and annalisa's neonatal tutor took forever and when m and i were feeling ravenous at the LT lounge ( we nearly wanted to take off to Nogawa alr, even made a reservation =P) and when we called Nambantei their last order was at 230 and they close at 3 so we were damnnn scared we couldnt make it!!
but of cos we did =) (tho m and i were slightly disappointed we couldnt try nogawa hahaha) ..the other option was this waruku branch thats their newest over at starhub centre but ERP+ ex parking -> Nambantei...
its quite a small place over here..about 3 tables and a counter as above.. fish commented they have another branch over at cuppage (not sure if its kazu) with the same layout...oh because they grill their skewers of meat at the counter, the meat smell will definitely cling onto your clothes..
this is my very comprehensive yakitori set $12.50. i requested for the pork items to be replaced so what you see above is mushrooms stuffed with chicken, eel (below that), chicken meat, quail egg, and chicken balls. the rice is covered by (very salty) mushrooms and chicken floss. all of us had this set (because it had the greatest variety and we were ravenous) and we almost wanted to order an extra set of salmon lunch set because we saw how huge the slab of salmon was! (the picture was absolutely misleading)
the mushrooms were very succulent and tasty (i think because it absorbed the juices from the stuffed chicken) and very much tastier than the dried out mushroom skewers I tried at Shin Kushiya. the eel was also tasty, with a generous layer of sauce.. i must say the chicken meats were tasty on its own, its not overtly salty such that you must eat it with rice. even the fresh crunchy vegetable sticks -when eaten with the sauce in the aluminium foil - was refreshingly tasty.
And i certainly havent eaten quail eggs in a long time - i don't know why i thought of those easter egg candies that i used to eat when i was younger...its like some chocolate egg thats the same size of the quail =P funny how eating certain foods trigger off seemingly unrelated memories !
this is the very yummy complimentary extremely chewy plain mochi in red bean sauce...i love red bean !! oh im thinking of the very yummy red bean milk ice Kels and i had at the nuh kopitiam during our night call..and of cos, the red bean- yam milk ice at ice monster with her too!! oh i miss my best friend i hope she's recovering well =) will return to nanbantei with you as soon as your appetite takes off!
ps it was a blessing in disguise for you cos our tutor was 3 hours late!!anna and i were complaining how much shopping we could have accomplished =((( if not for the fantastic lunch we wouldnt be able to last out the day man!!
oh and when we were there far east was having a food fair too (it was the first day of the 10 day fair) and there was very yummy mini vietnamese pandan cake ( it tasted like a waffle with a crisp outside and extremely chewy inside), fried durian, SLII muffins, portuguese egg tarts... oh it was food galore, if only that *)(&*^(&%^( tutor didnt arrange a tutorial right in the middle of her clinics we'd definitely buy more and shop more!! grrrr!!

Nanbantei Japanese Restaurant
14 Scotts Road #05-132 Far East Plaza

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