Friday, December 12, 2008

Wild Rocket

Been wanting to try out Wild Rocket with Kels for the LONGEST TIME (cos we're huge fans of the cooking show Willin Low co-hosted with Chen Hanwei) but its so difficult to find + ERP - but nonetheless we somehow made our way here with Kel's fantastic photographic (or GPRS-ic) memory - we were map-less. We did get quite lost and circled one round around Mount Sophia (where we found out where Old School @Mount Sophia was - Timbre and Sinema Old School! - but thats for another day) but it made the whole journey rather adventurous.
When we arrived at Hangout@ Mount Emily, a quaint boutique hotel, we realised the parking was rather limited and luckily it was an ulu Wednesday afternoon and the parallel parking along the road that circles around the hotel was rather easy to manoevre into. It was only upon sitting in the restaurant that we realised we parked right behind Willin's car (as recognised from the show =P ok ok we're die hard fans)

a pretty cozy restaurant, and you can look out of the day curtains - and from where i was sitting (at this angle) I could also see tourists coming in and out (whilst Kels got a glimpse of the chef in the kitchen). No guesses whose view was better!

a section of the restaurant we didn't notice when we first entered. maybe its the hunger first before decor appreciation.
we had a set lunch and one ala-carte order of the Crabmeat all sounds very very good...

and so do the desserts..

Complimentary Bread with Olive Oil
Bread was soft and crumbly but would be perfect if it was more walnutty or herby.
Seabass Cappacio with orange shallot Oil
because the cappacio was fresh and hence not too fishy, the subtle scent of the orange shallot oil was really pleasant. dom says the beef cappacio here is really good but it wasnt on the lunch menu nor the set lunch menu.
Crabmeat Linguine with chilli tomato cream
This was our favourite dish of the day and thats cos we love the intensity of the chilli tomato cream. It is not chilli hot, but more creamy-cheesy with subtle chilli flakes adding some cake to the firm to bite pasta. It was good that the linguine wasnt soft and chewy cos otherwise this dish would be too soggy. More crab meat would be better, though. Hardly saw any in the dish!

Wild Rocket burger with sundried tomato relish
The signature burger offered here and the sister restaurant Relish, I seemed to be wowed more the first time I tried it at Relish (maybe cos it came with fries too =P) Here the burger came with many many leaves atop a papadam. Fusion?? and the papadam didnt even have the characteristic bitter nut taste. Anyway, back to the burger. It was good stuff, but not as wow as Epicurious'. Sufficiently succulent (and thick too!) patty with tangy tomato relish, it was missing a fried egg and some cheese and that would make it an awesome burger! But simple is best, sometimes.
Pandan infused Panna Cotta with Gula Melaka
Oh this was good. The velvety smooth panna cotta when dunked in sticky sweet gula melaka was a fantastic combination so much so that we had to ask them to top up with more gula melaka!! (which they very generously obliged)
Merry Christmas everyone! These very cute reindeers just at the entrance of Wild Rocket are an unusual bottom accessory to the christmas tree, unlike the very boring empty wrapped boxes!

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