Friday, December 5, 2008

Tatsuya revisited

what keeps me going these days (and this blog going too) is my hunt for new places to try at and the fact that I actually revisit certain places means I like them well enough to want to come back and re-eat and relive that gastronomic experience or experiment with what else they have to offer.

So yes I'm back at Tatsuya enjoying every moment of it.

Bara Chiraishi
Abundance of fresh (and fatty too) fish with plenty of yellowtail salmon and my favourite swordfish. I love the assortment of fish along with that sweet tamago, lightly dusted with sesame seeds. The salad was good - the dressing really wowed me when I ate M's one the first time I ate at Tatsuya. And so was the ever smooth chawan mushi with the tart citrusy flavour.
Sushi Set

I had this the other time and I liked it too - enough for it to be my first blog post =D

Ladies set

Tried some of the noodles and it was very chewy! The quail egg right in the middle is very cute indeed - and I think its quite a mystery how they managed to slice the egg shell right into half.

all our food!
Next places to go: Nogawa, Sushi Yoshida, Hachi. I cant wait for the nightmare of an exams to be over!

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