Sunday, December 28, 2008

Diandin Leluk Thai Restaurant, Seventh Heaven

When food club (Matt, Chiara, moi)meet for its monthly degustation, it almost always seem that we land up in some thai place - we always seem to be craving for that yummylicous spicy tom yum gong or tangy mango salad. So how can we miss this humble Thai place at Golden Mile Complex?
Diandin Leluk (Golden Mile Complex) first started as a stall just outside Golden Mile and it used to feed the Thai workers, until they got so popular they bought over 1/4 of the floor space in the first level of Golden Mile and started this restaurant. Their chefs are all Thai and are trained in Thailand, and this place does give a authentic Thai vibe.

This is just one third of their total restaurant seating area...there are two more shop fronts.

Having tried First Thai some months back, now we are game to try the food here and see how it compares!

Mango Salad $6

The mango was really raw and crunchy and there was plenty of dried shrimp - but I thought this was quite dry. Plenty of onions and chilli! I still prefer First Thai's version.

Clear Tom Yam Seafood Soup $8.90

This wasn't spicy at all, again I think First Thai has a better (murkier) version. There was plenty of fish, cuttlefish and some prawns but the soup was just too mild! I shouldn't be eating prawns or seafood anyway so I just drank the soup.

Deep Fried Prawn Cake $9.90

This was really tasty fried food goodness! It came piping hot and the interior had chokeful of crunchy prawns and was really soft. The batter was finely breaded and really crispy. Unanimous favourite of the night.

Fried Chicken in Red Wine Sauce $9.90

This tastes exactly like my grandma's sweet and sour chicken - there was no hint of red wine in it at all! We should have ordered the pandan chicken instead.

Phat Thai $4.90

I liked this very much. This is the wet type - there was a nutty aroma to the noodles and was tangy as well (I asked Chiara not to add the lime because it was already nicely sourish). It would be nice if they had a pile of crushed peanuts and chilli powder at the sides so that the crunchiness will balance out the wet noodles.
Claypot Olive Rice $6.90

The rice was not your usual Thai fragrant rice -this one was firmer and was long grain, tasted pretty much like nasi briyani type of rice. The whole night we were trying to figure out what that fried black stuff was made of..meat? It was well fried, but not oily, with the grains nicely separated. I quite like this -the condiments of chilli, the roasted cashew nuts and that mysterious black meat was quite a tasty combination.

We then found our way down South Bridge Road and very confusing roads around Tanjong Pagar (thanks to Matthias and his inborn GPS) to Seventh Heaven (10 Raeburn Park).

This place specialises in alcoholic ice-creams which is my favourite ! Of course I had to make a (very inconvenient round the world) trip here. This place is REALLY out of the way, alongside the railway tracks to Malaysia. (and the railway tracks remind me of rj days, reminisce you food club people=) )

It has an open kitchen concept. When you enter the doors of Seventh Heaven you are greeted with this unique concept - no displays of icecreams greet you and instead you see many many bottles of booze ready to be blended into your icecream. I wonder if each icecream is made to order? Forgot to ask.
Its really new, and the funky owners are really quite friendly, with their boisterous (thunderous) laughter. They were really accomodating - they were supposed to be taking their last orders at 1030 pm (they close at 11pm) but they kindly waited for my lost friend. I guess they are used to having lost souls finding their way to ice cream heaven all the way in here.
We ordered the first 5 flavours (amazingly the lady said YOU MUST BE TESTING MY MEMORY!) haha oh my, you don't have that many flavours and you can't even remember - you must really have a good sense of humour =P

There is also the warm chocolate cake, and the icecream truffles but I guess that is for another time because they ran out!

5 of us (2 other girls joined us for this) ordered 9 scoops of icecream - which comes in 3 samplers of 3 scoops each. We had 7 flavours from the main menu and 2 from their Christmas menu.

Lychee Martini, Blackforest, Butter Scotch and Pecan

Lychee Martini was the favourite for Chiara and Matthias. I didn't like the version at UDDERS cos it was really mild and icy but this one is really thick lychee martini milky goodness.
The Blackforest was chocolate, rum, cherries and again the alcohol was strong - but the balance between those 3 flavours were slightly skewed that night. I think there wasn't enough tartness from the cherries.
My personal favourite for this set of 3 is the Butter, Scotch and Pecan, because I love butterscotch, and the pecan aroma and crunchiness made it even more fantastic.

Chocolate and Whisky, Irish Bailey's Cream, Chocolate and Coffee Crunch
The Chocolate and Whisky was Xueling and Cel's favourite. It was a fantastic alcoholic twist to chocolate. The whisky hits you as you savour the cocoa goodness.
The Irish Bailey's Cream is almost as good as the Haagan Daz's version. Enough said.
Of this lot, I liked the strong coffee flavoured Chocolate and Coffee Crunch. There were nuts and real coffee beans within the icecream, the crunchiness making it a delight to eat.
Eggnog, Chocolate, Christmas
The Christmas specials Eggnog and Christmas weren't very well received. I didn't exactly fancy Eggnog (this was the first time I tried Eggnog) but Christmas was quite good - its like the alcoholic fruit cake with plenty of booze and candied fruit and cherries and nuts minus the cake batter itself.
On the otherhand, the Chocolate was the most outstanding - it was thick and bittersweet. All Amedei Toscano Black cocoa goodness =)
Doesn't our formation look quite spectacular with the wafer salutations - the wafer tasted like flattened love letter - crisp light and tasty with the icecream!
Again must I emphasise how ulu this place was quite deserted even on a weekend night. Good icecream places are realllyyyyyyy inaccessible man.


Fen said...

I love the Lychee Martini too while Yuan prefers the Irish Cream... What a lovely treat... 9 flavours... Wow...

I am quite surprised you manage to enter the kitchen, I was only outside those glass doors, any smell?

julie said...

yup but there was 5 of us so 9 scoops was just about right (although i was the last one standing towards the end =P)..

i guess its my friend's pro camera..that made it transcend the glass..but no i didn't enter the kitchen!

do you know if the icecream is made upon order?

Fen said...

Nope, I didn't check with the owner either... Was busy shooting pictures...

brad said...

last one standing? sounds like everybody ate the alochol ice cream den drop liao. lol!

since you all so curious whether made upon order, the next time i go i help u all ask. haha