Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Rider's Cafe

i realise that this is the first breakfast post i have..in order of survival needs, sleep still comes first over food and i really hate mornings and sunlight and being sleep starved. However, on the rare occasion that I am well rested, I think having such a lovely breakfast like this one at Rider's Cafe is really one of the simplest pleasures of life.
the long countryside like road in..
Rider's Cafe is in a colonial bungalow facing the stables as well as some grasslands where if you are lucky, you can see the horses on their morning exercise rounds..

whereas the Saddle Club itself (stables etc) is open only to the members.

we booked for a balcony seat and this was our view...reservations are a must or else....

you'd end up sitting inside..it is really as dark as this photo (my camera is not that lousy haha) and its not worth the drive and effort to come all the way to saddle club if you were to sit in the woody interior of the colonial bungalow. there are plenty of tables indoors - perfect for those freckle/pigmentation/wrinkle phobic ladies. There are only 4 tables at the balcony and yes, despite hating the sun I still sat outside with my sister.

my sister kept exclaiming how long the eyelashes of the horses were - she really has super vision because I couldn't see it - or I was blinded by the menu. She was really amused that the horsemen were applying something to the horses eyes and was postulating that it is some mascara or eye liner . I think it is eye drops.

I can't remember why I didn't join M, fly and fish the other time when they were here for brunch. Maybe it was sleep. But depending on the time of the day, the menu changes. Breakfast is till 11am, (but later on weekends for people like me), lunch there's another section, and dinner is different too. I wish they had all day breakfasts, I really really like breakfast food.

We reached here at around 10 am but they ran out of Norwegian Benedict (Smoked Salmon and Asparagus Pears) - anyone who knows me well know I almost always order anything that has salmon- as well as the yoghurt and granola. It was a weekday breakfast and there werent that many people and they ran out ! so we decided to order one savoury and one sweet mains first.

Eggs Florentine - Spinach and mushrooms, Breakfast Potatoes $12

This was DELICIOUS! The eggs were so fluffy it really looked like whipped cream. The spinach and mushrooms went very well with the pancake below, and the pancake was not soggy. A real joy to burst the egg yolk and spilling it over the egg white and pancake.

The breakfast potatoes were crisp on the exterior and steaming on the inside and there was strawberries and blueberries and grapes to balance the savouriness of this main. Everything here was very good.

Morning Pancakes - Berries Compote, Whipped cream and Maple syrup $10

The pancakes were thick and fluffy and if you eat it fast enough there's this crisp layer that is fantastic especially with some whipped cream. The pancakes were so good with the whipped cream and berries compote that we totally forgot about the maple syrup (because it was in a glass mini jug in the corner of our table. This is totally unlike the hotcakes at McDonald's which is much flatter and rubbery. I have to drown the Macs Hotcakes in syrup and butter for them to taste good (those days when I go for Yamaha piano classes and breakfast every Sunday was hotcakes) hence I shun hotcakes now - even Egg Mcmuffins (my all time favourite Macs breakfast item now) will pale in comparison to the Eggs Florentine here.

They are quite generous with everything here. The iced water is served in a huge glass jug left on the table. And they gave us plenty of whipped cream and berries compote (plenty of real berries inside too!) when we asked for extra.

Rider's Cafe is an interesting place to people watch. When my sister and i were having breakfast, there was a family of 5 in front of us ( reminded us of our own family cos the kids were 2 older girls and the boy was the smallest). Especially when the mummy was telling her very young son to say Excuse me Jie jie when he was squeezing in between my sister's chair and the mother's chair and asked his mother to move. Then there was this other group of businessmen behind us evidently discussing about the management of the saddle club with a female instructor from the saddle club. I am sure it'd be quite a different crowd at night(but what scenery is there to see, all the horses will be asleep!), and during a brunch on a weekend.

oh an aside, I was mistaken for my sister's MOTHER when I asked this guy if I could take picture with his horse. See, I knew I shouldn't have sat at the balcony ;p

Rider's Cafe
51 Fairways Drive
Singapore 286965

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brad said...

haha next time go must ask me along, otherwise impossible to get there. my friend drove then we went there see see look look, but didn't eat anything since we already eaten. How old is yr sister?