Monday, February 1, 2010

Toast, Burger Bench and Bar

It was the eopt slideshow for surg and after the dreadful test we went to engine Macs for a yummy breakfast on a wet wet Friday morning. Engine is a maze of stairs and it was an arduous long flight of stairs to the toilet (and everywhere else). We first headed back to NUH for C Ning's but it got cancelled (second time pangseh, in time to come.....). Decided to bus to town whilst Marc and WM and J stayed on at nuh. At employment clinic - it was a long long queue for - urine/blds/xray. Off to Toast (#02-11 Ngee Ann City )- only groups of ladies within. No breakfast available, didnt wanna pay for peanut butter banana toasties, but there were interesting cupcakes we'd try on another occasion - green tea and apple cinammon.
Smoked Salmon for Kels and Smoked Turkey for me. These are perfectly healthy sandwiches, no messiness of sauces whatsoever... Somehow after those sandwiches at the Bank of China place, healthy sandwiches still evoke Pavlov's reflex...

And cos of this getaway, when we went back- all the ppl who came in the golden time (after us) finished and left! We rushed for LCH's - wanted to cab and in the end trained, met Kels across gantry ande eventually at the train. We went down with the very nice lect always catering stuff for us... there was soon kueh and carrot cake, and cake. Crumbs was all over J at a jostle, irritating him ++. That night's entertainment was courtesy of Yh and Steph, Lyn, Yansheng, Charanya, Ryan (ex's).
Kels and I met Chongs at basement before going to Orchard - where we ate at Burger Bench and Bar (Cathy Cineleisure Orchard, Basement 1). Must intro to Chongs the queen of fries to the wonderful burgers here, and so I can satisfy my curiosity about the other non-beef burgers. I had the Butterfish with Wasabi Mayo. I LOVE the tender, fried battered fish here but the wasabi mayo adds a real interesting nose crawling tinge to it, and it tastes rather herby, necessiting some getting used to. Kels had the Japanese Curry Chicken Cutlet,and it tastes every bit the way you imagine it to be, with bread, sans rice.
And of cos Chongs had her Mushrooms cheese burger which I had and absolutely loved, the previous time.

And the absolutely yummz Dark Chocolate Icecream !!! The 2 girls were too full, but I can never get enough of ice cream. This was my third scoop of the day - after Mr Bean at nuh, the yummilicious mixed $1 icecream from the icecream man (he's stationed right outside Taka) with real peanuts all over the mixed flavours icecream.

We had not much luck for shows though, so much for the aspiration to consume and vegetate. There were no tickets for Invictus, New York I love you. We rested at 313 (whom Chongs was foreign too!) where we vegetated at the Food Republic, getting amused at all the reserved tables, and decided to Up and Go to Cathy, but with no luck.. tickets sold out everywhere!! Last straw went to Marina Square where she got REAlly tempted with My ex, but also no luck , no bowling either (cos we're old ladies and no energy anymore, sadness) so we just caught up at the Starbucks (Marina Square)! It closes at midnight, and it was quite interesting hanging out at a thriving starbucks, in a deserted mall in the dead of the night. Whatever happened to our energetic souls, Chongs!

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