Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dempsey Brasserie

Post call with ching - a pdu/pyloric channel, perf appendix, another pdu in the am which I scrubbed (no drain/wash/biopsy, plus double overlay). Lots going on in eot - bleeding gda, adhesio/sb resec, right hemi, the last 2 of which belonged to J. Passed lunch and headed to the grouponz place (feels really estranged, us!), then headed to send in the phone (mighty long transferring the data) then to Dempsey brasserie for tea. Too late for the food so had the Elderflower Sprite instead.

Bought the cheese - Mimolette from Jones (on a hunt for the orangest cheese), Walnut bread and spinach leaves from Culina. Left over turkey from before, and i realised the leaves tasted fantastic with the pseudo bacon bits. Soup was mild, to say the least. Need a chunky chowder soon.

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