Sunday, November 20, 2011

Open door policy

With no list at DSOT, Cheang joined me at MOT, only to be overutilised at the adrenalect. I started off with jc's, then hopped over to the LAP pancreatic (ugh, lap), and a pyolomyotomy (one of two that week!!) -thought there were 3 regs scrubbed then, with 2 doing the spreader...... then to cheang's. But she escaped and found us at bean flat out trying to resus ourselves in my first icecream since med days. Double booked us both, at the same time at 715pm. Hehe. Dropped them off and instructed to meet at Books actually. Really looked forward to Open door policy ( Yong Siak Street). Surprisingly there was space still, even with double booking.

We started off with the steak tartare with speared toasted (till burnt though) bread. Missed that shot (i thought i didnt!). Liked the truffle chips. Preferred Kilo's red wine drowned steak tartare though.
Halloumi cheese - blobs of semi hard cheese. Like a hard tofu/cottage cheese (reminiscent of Krith's place's)

Lamb confit, puff pastry - its presented like a pizza, lotsa salad atop the puff pastry. Difficult to share and keep in place though, the tender strips of lamb kept falling off.

Wild mushroom truffle risotto. Comfort food, period. Loved the greenish mushrooms.

Was fun naming syncope and hearing the arguments. So glad to have cheang in the dsot downstairs - the only hightlight of the day being our lunch of (stale) OT food. Trying to meet more for breakfast time now. And for now, the ERP at SCGS is OFF for the holidays!! Yes best news for my coming after 8 now. Haha! No more incentive to rush anymore.

I'll be back to check out orange thimble and dripz. And of cos, a day dedicated to Books Actually. When im done with IQ 84.

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