Sunday, November 27, 2011

Maison Ikkoku

Weekend mommy and bro went to China, woke up early Sun morning just to jagga the house, so I ran before that, came home to practise my cello before my lesson after. Lesson was pretty good cos I practised the easy cello pieces plus got the xmas songs to play for the weeks ahead (cos B is going away...happy hols!). Picked up oranges for home then headed to meet Ws for coffee at Maison Ikkoku, a new artisanal Japanese bar at 20 Kandahar street. Round and round looking for parking before I managed to find a spot at the public carpark. Went to the place first (cos the post call babe overslept!) and reserved a spot, only to find myself rained out at Bali lane while i got my ribbon earrings. Bummer. Had to ask her dad to round to pick me up and drop us...almost wanted out to an indoor place but Im glad we still came by ;)

Flat white x 2 (cos they mixed the orders). Pretty balanced coffee.

Eggs Benedict with salmon. This was good cos again it was very balanced, toast was not too thick, and eggs were fluffy much. Only jibe was the overtly salty smoked salmon. Though I love my salt, so didnt mind all that much - just neutralise with the asparagus.

Stayed on till the place closed at 7pm and there was no one else left. The cafe was pretty packed when we first got in but they kindly held a place for me which I thought was quite a nice gesture. Would wanna check out the furniture and apparel section on the second floor when Im here again. (I guess i would pop by if im around the area - after checking out that date icecream place).

Drove us to town for me to check out my runners and we ended up at the stand talking till she managed a cab for gran's. Am glad to buy 2cellos and IQ84 as company for the week! IQ 84 has gotten me chapter after chapter, esp during the fantastic SPS call.

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